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The Morning Scramble – 4/25/2008

by @ 8:18 on April 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

If this doesn’t make you at least tap your feet, I can’t help you…

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- Jo Egelhoff is running for the 57th Assembly seat being vacated by Steve Weickert. I’m not waiting until either September or November to do this endorsement – Jo Egelhoff for the 57th Assembly District.
- Madison Conservative comes back from an extended blogging break to let us know that Obama’s old friends are planning some shenanigans in the Twin Cities come September.
- Michelle Malkin says that they won’t be alone.
- Justin Higgins gives the business to one of his friends on Justice Antonin Scalia’s answer on abortion.
- JammieWearingFool has the line that will explode liberals’ heads everywhere. After all, it was the Goracle that wanted the 2000 election in the courts.
- Nick Schweitzer extends the “unintended consequences” theme to the true cost of ethanol subsidies.
- Mark Pribonic ties a personal story to the potential corn-a-hole-fueled food crisis (or is it already here?).
- John Adams goes back into history to defend anonymous speech.
- Dave in Texas has this week’s example of the Culture of Badassery; a legally-blind man whups up on a home invader who claimed he was just there for his cat. I normally would send you straight to the version with the comments, but the comments aren’t exactly safe for work because it is AoSHQ after all.
- John Hawkins assesses the state of the GOP. He’s a bit too kind to the Congressional leadership.
- Doubleplusundead plays Name! That! Party!
- Sister Toldjah smacks Howard Dean around like a pinata.
- Slublog uses an instant-classic Slushop to mock Harry Reid’s attempt to prevent Operation Chaos from reaching its conclusoin. I don’t see any reduction in popcorn sales.
- Uncle Jimbo delivers a well-placed TOT barrage on the media over their latest resurrection of Mookie Sadr.
- Jim Lynch did not misunderstand Nancy Pelosi’s claim of misunderstanding.
- CDR Salamander says, “Chavez, start worrying. The snake-driven 4th Fleet is coming back.”
- Michelle Malkin has pretty much my reaction to the NC GOP ad linking a couple of Dem candidates for governor to Obama and Wright. Dare I say she’s on my short list of people to write in for President come November?
- In the wake of a completely-meaningless and, for Mequon residents, annoying protest against “Big Oil” by a local gas station, J. Gravelle takes on Big Air. Breathe, J.

I really should either put down a later time for this to hit the Net when I do some legwork the previous night, or not answer e-mail while I’m putting the finishing touches on this :-)

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