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The Morning Scramble – 4/25/2008

by @ 8:18 on April 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

If this doesn’t make you at least tap your feet, I can’t help you…


Jo Egelhoff is running for the 57th Assembly seat being vacated by Steve Weickert. I’m not waiting until either September or November to do this endorsement – Jo Egelhoff for the 57th Assembly District.
Madison Conservative comes back from an extended blogging break to let us know that Obama’s old friends are planning some shenanigans in the Twin Cities come September.
Michelle Malkin says that they won’t be alone.
Justin Higgins gives the business to one of his friends on Justice Antonin Scalia’s answer on abortion.
JammieWearingFool has the line that will explode liberals’ heads everywhere. After all, it was the Goracle that wanted the 2000 election in the courts.
Nick Schweitzer extends the “unintended consequences” theme to the true cost of ethanol subsidies.
Mark Pribonic ties a personal story to the potential corn-a-hole-fueled food crisis (or is it already here?).
John Adams goes back into history to defend anonymous speech.
Dave in Texas has this week’s example of the Culture of Badassery; a legally-blind man whups up on a home invader who claimed he was just there for his cat. I normally would send you straight to the version with the comments, but the comments aren’t exactly safe for work because it is AoSHQ after all.
John Hawkins assesses the state of the GOP. He’s a bit too kind to the Congressional leadership.
Doubleplusundead plays Name! That! Party!
Sister Toldjah smacks Howard Dean around like a pinata.
Slublog uses an instant-classic Slushop to mock Harry Reid’s attempt to prevent Operation Chaos from reaching its conclusoin. I don’t see any reduction in popcorn sales.
Uncle Jimbo delivers a well-placed TOT barrage on the media over their latest resurrection of Mookie Sadr.
Jim Lynch did not misunderstand Nancy Pelosi’s claim of misunderstanding.
CDR Salamander says, “Chavez, start worrying. The snake-driven 4th Fleet is coming back.”
Michelle Malkin has pretty much my reaction to the NC GOP ad linking a couple of Dem candidates for governor to Obama and Wright. Dare I say she’s on my short list of people to write in for President come November?
– In the wake of a completely-meaningless and, for Mequon residents, annoying protest against “Big Oil” by a local gas station, J. Gravelle takes on Big Air. Breathe, J.

I really should either put down a later time for this to hit the Net when I do some legwork the previous night, or not answer e-mail while I’m putting the finishing touches on this :-)

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