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The Morning (er, Afternoon) Scramble – 4/30/2008

by @ 14:10 on April 30, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Sorry about being late. I guess I should’ve put the causation of the reason I’m late up yesterday; I crossed the 124th Street line to attend the first Waukesha “Blog n Grog”. Note to self; bloat the roll again. Oh well; let the KevHead National Anthem (and something Ed promised would enter the outro rotation on his radio show) be the peace offering…


Tom McMahon lays odds on Barack Obama’s chances. Looks like it’s time for a Hussein Summer offensive.
– Or maybe not; Allahpundit wants to keep on pumping .50 cal shells into the flaming, flat-planing Obama campaign just to be sure.
John McAdams goes deep into the memory hole for a reason to wish for a 20 mm cannon or so in the nose to put into said flaming, flat-planing campaign.
– My local EIB affiliate is an hour behind, so I’ll have to trust General Allahpundit when he says to reinstate the NRE Spring Hill campaign.
Slublog launches yet another Instant Classic Slu-Shop.
Curt uses a song that won’t appear on the Scramble to launch the latest broadside on Obama.
Jim Geraghty (on Ed’s show now) found another Obama inconsistency, this time on commenting about pending cases. Care to guess whether Obama supports practices that tend to promote vote fraud?
– One last Wright bit; JammieWearingFool traces the Wright sabotage of Obama’s campaign to the disinviting of Wright to Obama’s announcment of his candidacy.
Lance Burri distills the ‘Rat campaign to a cartoon classic (he notes the drink of the same name may help as well).
Kate has the ANWR cartoon of the day. Too bad all 3 of the Stooges are opposed to drilling for our own oil.
Owen quotes Jim Sensenbrenner on corn-a-hole (never mind Sensenbrenner voted FOR the big corn-a-hole mandate). I do recommend going through the comments for a potential late-summer time bomb for pump prices.
Emperor Misha I explains (as only he and perhaps Ace can) why concealed carry is good. Do also click through to Kim du Toit’s choice observations. Now, why can’t we here in Wisconsin have legal concealed carry to counter the goblins’ illegal concealed carry?
Aaron breaks out the haiku to introduce Badger Bites Ver. 2.0. Wise choice to let him start things out, Jib (I think).
Bruce proves the blogosphere is relevant.
Fred Keller cobbles together some whoppers of Gorebal Warming fairy tales.
Jo Egelhoff has reason #982 to keep an eye on what the Legislature does in special session. Specifically, the leaders of the bipartisan Party-In-Government are attempting to attach ratification of the Great Lakes Compact to the budget repair bill.

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