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Just Shut up!

by @ 9:55 on April 25, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

In a well publicized statement, John McCain has repudiated the North Carolina Republican Party over it’s ad that decries the endorsement of the two Democratic Governor candidates of Obama saying that Obama is too far left for North Carolina.   The commercial uses Obama’s link to Jeremiah Wright as evidence of Obama’s far left views.  

As a part of McCain’s statement he said North Carolina’s Republican Party was “out of touch with reality.”

Out of touch with reality?   Did I miss something?

In a poll done within days of the Jeremiah Wright revelations, the Pew Research Center found the following:

When asked whether they were personally offended by Jeremiah Wright’s comments, a majority of Independents (52%) and a significant majority of Republicans (75%) said they were personally offended.   Even Clinton supporters had a majority that were offended (59%).   The only group polled who didn’t have a majority that were personally offended by Wright’s remarks were people who were already decided, Obama supporters.

The person who seems to be “out of touch with reality” is John McCain!

Earth to John…….

The reality is that you are at best, accepted by the  conservative base and not truly supported by it.

The reality is that if the Democrats had a nomination process that made sense, they would have had a nominee in March and you would face double digit deficits in every poll taken.

The reality is the longer we keep the Democrats fighting (yes, while the primary focus is the Governor’s race, the ad surely helps reraise the concern about Obama) the better your chances get.

The reality is that rather than on your opponents, you use your harshest criticisms and comments on those you should be most aligned with.

The reality is I’m getting sick and tired of hearing from you.   In the past few weeks you’ve flip flopped on the mortgage bailout, reiterated your nonsense about going green and joined the populist “CEO = bad people” meme.

If John McCain wants to “stay above the fray” that’s fine.   In fact, I don’t even mind if he asks the North Carolina Republicans not to run the ad.   John McCain crosses the line when he berates  people who should be  his supporters in a way that he claims to be above doing with his Democratic contenders.

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