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Envirowhacko update – Cheddar edition

by @ 17:53 on April 28, 2008. Filed under Envirowhackos.

I’ve got two of them for you from today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Item #1 – Older cars to now be exempt from emission testing

Where do I go with this puppy? Before I got my Subaru, I used to cringe every time one of those testers mistook my car for a race car at Road America, so I’m glad that portion of the testing will no longer be done. However, if the goal were to get the most-polluting cars off the road, wouldn’t it behoove the state to test the cars most-likely to be polluting (i.e. the older ones)?

Instead, they’re going halfway to a cost-savings by only testing the vehicles with OBD-II diagnostics by plugging in a code reader. Most cars pass this test with flying colors, at least if the operators remembered to tighten the gas cap all the way for 3 months prior to testing. Moreover, they’re going to start “testing” new heavy-duty and diesel vehicles, and spend boku bucks installing self-service “testing”. Why not just jettison the entire regimen?

Item #2 – Focus of water quality to shift from Milwaukee to farms

I guess the envirowhackos think that almost-somewhat-not-quite-deep-enough tunnel is deep enough now. Either that, or they don’t think they can get us in the burbs to pay for separating Milwaukee’s and Shorewood’s sewers.

Question; if we’re supposed to burn our food, and we’re going to need every available cropland acre just for that, just how is that compatible with the coming assault on farmers?

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