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Pubbies versus snowmen, CNN and various YouTubers – live thread

by @ 18:00 on November 28, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

Once again, I’ll be rolling with the CoverItLive software. Before I lose the audience to the full bumper crop of those live-blogging listed immediately below (I’ll update and correct as I find them), I’ll quickly refresh you on how I live-blog: Because I am not the fastest typist in the world, I paraphrase a lot. I’ll probably also swear a lot (I’ll be downing Labatt Blue like there’s no tomorrow), and I’ll almost certainly be taking shots at everybody involved before the night is through. The questions will be in italics, the candidates’ comments, paraphrased as they’ll be, will be in normal type, and any smackdowns I need to deliver will be in parentheses.

Now, here’s a very partial list of who else is going to be live-blogging this thing:
Michelle and Bryan live-vlogging at Hot Air (That should be the live link. You do have a monitor big enough to put their vlog and my meager efforts up, don’t you? This IS 2007, and a 19″ monitor at 1280×1054 is the bare-bones minimum nowadays.)
Allahpundit has what may be the smallest open thread in Hot Air history (sorry AP; timing is everything)
Things are sure busy in the Hot Air camp; Michelle has a live thread on her own site.
Jim Lynch at bRight & Early
Jim Geraghty (I think I’ll have to keep the blog home with this one; if memory serves, Geraghty puts up new posts rather than make people refresh one particular post)
Brian at Liberty Pundit (he’ll also be using the CoverItLive software)
Mary Katharine Ham is on the scene
Patrick Ruffini will be joining her (lucky bastich ;-)
Stephen Green will be drunkblogging again, with the comments thread separated as usual (I’ll probably be matching him beer-for-martini; time to start)
Free Republic will certainly be lively (live thread added 6:17 pm)
Ace checked in right after this thing went up (and, yes, I checked all my feeds right at 5:59)
Brennan also checks in
Team Fred has Sean Hackbarth on the case, along with audio.

If you’re wondering why I switched to Labatt, it’s the price and the inavailability of Sam Adams Double Bock.

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