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A-planting we will go (Day 2)

by @ 0:00 on November 30, 2007. Filed under Politics - National, Presstitute Follies, War on Terror.

Word of warning revision (2:50 pm 11/30/2007) – The free-fire portion of the discussion is to be between each individual commenter and me, not between commenters. Just in case you forgot, this is my place; I pay the hosting bill.

A pair of updates that I waited until midnight to fly with (well, actually, I prepped this before midnight, but thanks to the magic of WordPress, they’re going out at the gong):

– When I last left this, we were at 8 plants. Well, Michelle’s upped the count to 9, though I don’t know whether to classify CAIR’s Yasmin as simply a fresh species or start a whole separate genus for groups merely aligned with the ‘Rats. Ah, tahellwitchit, since I call them DhimmiRATs, it counts. Since I remember 30 questions, we’re now at a full 30% of the questions being plants.

– Duncan Hunter, bless his soul, has a heart of a lion (and the money and support of a flea). My mailbox has a copy of a letter he sent head gardener Hillary Clinton:

November 29, 2007

Dear Senator Clinton,

Regarding the “plant”, retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr, that you sent to ask me the question at the CNN-YouTube debate last night in Florida "¦

Send more!!!

Merry Christmas,
Duncan Hunter


Revisions/extensions (11:20 am 11/30/2007) – Seems this place piqued the interest of a bunch of Salon types. If this place loads a bit slow; sorry about that, I don’t think I’ve had a serious crush of traffic before, so I don’t know exactly how my host handles a crush. Disagree with me all day long, but do try to find another line besides Jeff Gannon. Also, don’t piss me off. While I do enjoy the back-and-forth, I do have a hair-trigger.

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