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Go back, Demon Snow…

by @ 16:05 on January 30, 2011. Filed under Weather.

After a couple of winters of laughing my ass off at the East Coasters, northwest burb types, and those south of the Root River, it looks like I’m finally going to get mine…a massive dumping of snow, that is. Well, it’s not supposed to be too bad…until Tuesday night, when all Hell breaks loose with 12-18 inches, combined with a blizzard wind, to fall on top of the 4-6 that’s supposed to hit tonight through the day on Tuesday.

In honor of that, I’m bringing back a classic Soviet “Everyone to the fight with the blizzard” graphic my blogfather used to run…

Oh yeah, I also have a request in to Bob and Brian to re-run Demon Snow (link to the transcripted version). “Go back, Demon Snow, back from whence you came. Leave the good people of Milwaukee alone.”

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