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Demon Snow hits the East Coast

by @ 23:26 on December 19, 2009. Filed under Weather.

With my friends up and down the East Coast buried under a lot of snow, I figured I should try to cheer them up by giving them the heart of the transcript of Bob and Brian’s “Demon Snow” (from their 1995 album “Tahellwitchoo”. We’ll pick it up just before Brian takes over (the picture is courtesy The Saginaw News):

(Bob) There’s a lot of pictures of salt trucks.
This is a salt truck.

(Start the Brian monologue) This is the machine that will deliver us from Demon Snow,
That fell, like poison from the sky,
Coating our roads with icy death,
Untill the brave men rose
That steer the monster orange 10-wheelers.
Throwing themselves into the teeth of the monster,
Defying nature, and all its forces,
Saying, “I stand on this wall. You will not pass.
“Go back, Demon Snow, back from whence you came.
“Leave the good people of Milwaukee alone.
“I melt thee, I melt thee with SALT!
“Damneth thee!” (Bob chimes in with a “Shut up!” because he’s been laughing uncontrollably)
“Damn thee to Hell now, white monster!”
There’s a guy on the back of a salt truck,
Caught up in all kinds of lines and wires,
Going into the snowstorm.
“Look! He beckons! Ahab beckons!”

I know, it’s a poor substitute for the actual audio, but since I don’t have permission to post that,….

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