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Search wars, Pearl Harbor version

by @ 16:58 on December 7, 2009. Filed under Miscellaneous.

(H/T – Ace)

It has become a long-standing joke embarrassment that Google refuses to acknowledge certain historical dates important to Americans. Today is no exception. I’ll let the screencaps of the current home pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing speak for themselves (at least for the most part; do click the images for the full-sized versions):

Note the complete lack of mention of the significance of the day on Google, and only a single reference to the events of that day (the sinking of the USS Arizona) on Yahoo. What you can’t see on Bing’s screencap are the interactive links:

  • Over the USS Arizona Memorial is a question on what day President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said would live in infamy, which takes one to a “Bingified” copy of a Wikipedia article on the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • In the harbor to the right of the Memorial is a question on how one can best pay respects to those who died there in 1941, which takes one to a Bing search for “USS Arizona Memorial”.
  • In the harbor to the right of the USS Missouri is an offer for help on locating Pearl Harbor, which takes one to a Bing map showing where the southeast corner of Pearl Harbor is (about a mile south of the USS Arizona Memorial).
  • On the USS Missouri is an invitiation to take a break from war news by viewing “beach pictures” from the area (really a Bing images search of Oahu, the island’s name).

While Bing doesn’t quite get the entire execution right, I do have to give them an A for effort. The rest – an EPIC FAIL!

Revisions/extensions (5:11 pm 12/7/2009) – Welcome Ed Driscoll readers. I guess it helps to have a memorable Tweet – “Say what you will about Bill Gates and Microsoft — they know what day it is and what country they hail from.”

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