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Archive for December 9th, 2009

Cheddarsphere Christmas Party the Second

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Direct from Fred the social director:

Our Cheddarsphere Christmas this year party will be on Sunday, January the 3rd, from 2pm until whenever at Papa’s Social Club, 7718 W. Burleigh Milwaukee .

Just like last year we’ll be collecting predictions from the attendees for the coming year. (Hopefully we’ll do better than last year!)

The Packers will be facing the Cardinals on the big screens. (Hopefully the game will matter in some way)

Since it was so popular last year, we’ll be doing a white elephant gift exchange this again. Participation is optional, buy a gift valued at no more than $5, wrap it and bring it with you to the party. Everyone who brings a gift will throw their name in a hat and then you draw and pick a gift at random. (Gift exchange to commence at halftime of the Packer game)

Just like every year this is a NON PARTISAN CHRISTMAS PARTY, all are welcome, blog authors and blog readers, those who comment and those who hide in the weeds.

Bloggers, please do what you do best, spread the word.

If you will be attending PLEASE leave a comment (at Fred’s place; comments are off here) so we can give the bar an idea of how many people will be coming along.

Word on the street is Milwaukee County Executive (and candidate for governor) Scott Walker will be there. The other candidates for governor have also been invited.

Also, Shoebox may make an appearance.

I Know Your Are But What Am I?

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Yesterday, as White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was questioned about polls showing President Obama continuing to drop in popularity, Gibbs responded:

I’m sure a 6-year-old with a crayon could do something not unlike that. I don’t put a lot of stake in, never have, in the EKG that is the daily Gallup trend.

In his response and follow up comments, Gibbs seems to suggest not only that a six year old is unable to control their crayons but also that anyone who puts any stock in polls is deemed to have the mental ability of a six year old.

First, having lived through the stages of dexterity improvement as it relates to color crayon control, I can attest that many six year olds are extremely capable of “staying within the lines” and even coloring  a reasonably straight line, when asked.

Second, while I would agree with Mr. Gibbs that any one poll may not accurately reflect the mood of the polled, multiple polls will certainly show a direction and a significance of the concern level.  Let’s look at an example.

Support for Placebocare is claimed by Mr. Gibbs, to have public support.  To be sure, there was a time when the public did support Placebocare.  However, as time has gone on, and the public finds out how damaging Placebocare will be to the economy, the quality of health care and their pocketbooks, public support has dropped to levels that should require a mercy killing.

Just today, three new polls came out showing a low and deteriorating support level for Placebocare:

QUINNIPIAC: “Voters Disapprove 52 – 38 Percent Of The Health Care Reform Proposal Under Consideration In Congress, And They Disapprove 56 – 38 Percent Of President Obama’s Handling Of Health Care, down from 53 – 41 percent in a November 19 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University.” (“Obama Approval Falls To New Low, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds,” Quinnipiac University, 12/9/09)

BLOOMBERG: “The poll finds significant opposition to using Medicarefor savings; 78 percent say they would oppose any cuts to the program.” (“Obama’s War Plan Gains Amid Doubts On Domestic Policy,” Bloomberg, 12/9/09)

PUBLIC POLICY POLLING: “Support For Obama On Health Care Has Hit Another New Low With Just 39% Of Voters Now Expressing Approval Of His Health Care Plans And 52% Opposed.” (“Obama’s December Standing,” Public Policy Polling, 12/9/09)

It is clear that there is no majority or even plurality of support for Placebocare.  In fact, when you start asking people about specific provisions as Bloomberg did, support becomes almost nearly non existent.

If believing that Placebocare does not have the American public’s support makes me a six year old, what does that make someone who believes it does have support, like Mr. Gibbs?

How Many Leaks Before The Dam Thing Breaks?

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There are questions in the world that when first heard, you would assume have a specific answer.  However, when you contemplate them a bit, you realize that there is probably no one specific answer but a range of answers that are dependent upon the variables of the specific situation.  Examples of this type of question would be:

– If a man talks in the woods, with no women around, will he still be wrong?


– How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop?

Here is another question to add to the list:

How many leaks can a dam tolerate before it bursts?

Quinnipiac has released its latest polling.  They’ve polled on a variety of issues including opinions on health care (majority still don’t want it especially if they have to pay for it) and opinions on the President’s handling of different issues.  The poll also gives its update on overall favorable/unfavorable perspectives on President Obama.

Overall, Quinnipiac has President Obama with a slightly favorable rating 46% to 44% unfavorable.  That’s the good news.  The bad news for him is in every other demographic break down within the poll.

  • Men disapprove 50%/42%
  • Whites disapprove 51%/38%
  • Independents disapprove 51%/37%
  • All age groups over 35 years disapprove by at least 5%
  • All income of $50K or greater disapprove
  • If you don’t have a college degree, you disapprove
  • The only religious affiliation that supports Obama is Jewish

Based on this, the only people who are reliable supporters of President Obama would be:

  • females
  • Who are “of color”
  • have family income of less than $50K
  • area Jewish
  • are college graduates
  • are under 35 yrs old
  • and of course, are liberal

Let’s see….there are about 227 million voting age people in the US.  34 million are women between the ages of 18 and 34.  Approximately 30% of the US population is non white so that would suggest 10 million women between 18 and 34 might be non white.  Finally, only 2.2% of the US population is Jewish.  That would suggest only 220,000 people are firmly in the camp for Obama?

OK, there are a few holes in my number logic but you get the point.  The fact is that there are few if any, categories of voters who are solidly behind Barack Obama.  In fact, every poll that comes out show yet another leak in the stalwart dam that voted Obama into office.

Dams are interesting things.  They have great strength and are able to hold back great forces.  Many of them actually have leaks that are not fatal.  However, every dam, even the largest, have a point at which some number of small leaks will finally cause its demise, no matter how well built.  Barack Obama’s dam has a bunch of leaks.  The outstanding question is; how many leaks before it’s fatal?

Demon Snow 2009 update

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All I have to say is I got REAL lucky here in Oak Creek. The first round of Demon Snow started while I was at Drinking Right with most of the usual crew, which made the drive home a bit of an adventure. When I got home about 11 pm, the power was out, I was getting pelted by snow falling off the trees over the street, and there were about 2 very-wet inches on the ground.

Sometime around 1 am, two things changed – that snow became rain, and the power came back on. About 6 am, there was about another inch on the ground, the wind had pretty much stopped, but I could still see the tire tracks from last night, so I decided to get the super-soggy snow off the pavement before the temps take a nose dive later today. No sooner did I get done with that than the snow restarted in earnest.

Still, that makes me very lucky compared to my friends to the north of Milwaukee County and to the west of US-45. They got the snow ALL NIGHT LONG, and unlike the predictions, it sounds like it’s not exactly the fluffy stuff.

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