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Demon Snow 2009 update

by @ 8:08 on December 9, 2009. Filed under Weather.

All I have to say is I got REAL lucky here in Oak Creek. The first round of Demon Snow started while I was at Drinking Right with most of the usual crew, which made the drive home a bit of an adventure. When I got home about 11 pm, the power was out, I was getting pelted by snow falling off the trees over the street, and there were about 2 very-wet inches on the ground.

Sometime around 1 am, two things changed – that snow became rain, and the power came back on. About 6 am, there was about another inch on the ground, the wind had pretty much stopped, but I could still see the tire tracks from last night, so I decided to get the super-soggy snow off the pavement before the temps take a nose dive later today. No sooner did I get done with that than the snow restarted in earnest.

Still, that makes me very lucky compared to my friends to the north of Milwaukee County and to the west of US-45. They got the snow ALL NIGHT LONG, and unlike the predictions, it sounds like it’s not exactly the fluffy stuff.

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