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Once a RINO, Always a Democrat

by @ 5:51 on November 2, 2009. Filed under Call me Carnac, Politics - National.

After Dede Scozzafava announced that she was suspending her campaign, I thought it was odd that she didn’t immediately endorse Hoffman.  In fact, you can see my comment about that in my Saturday post.  I guess this was just another of those “call me Carnac” moments.

On Sunday, Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat in the race, Bill Owens.  In attempting to explain her endorsement, Scozzafava wrote:

You know me, and throughout my career, I have been always been an independent voice for the people I represent. I have stood for our honest principles, and a truthful discussion of the issues, even when it cost me personally and politically. Since beginning my campaign, I have told you that this election is not about me; it’s about the people of this District.

It is in this spirit that I am writing to let you know I am supporting Bill Owens for Congress and urge you to do the same.

Just last Friday, for a FOX story, Scozzafava was quoted as saying:

“I have been a Republican my entire life, I will be a Republican until I die. I believe in the Republican party that stands for less government interference in the lives of individuals. I believe in self-sufficiency versus government dependence. I believe in lower taxes, less government regulation, I believe in less government spending.”

I wonder what “honest principles” it was that Scozzafava was upholding when after being “endorsed” by the GOP patronage of the area and receiving $900,000 from the NRCC, she believes that the best person to carry on her beliefs is a person who:

  • Will vote for the government takeover of health care
  • Is happy to take all the pork Washington will dish up
  • Believes that increasing taxes will help the economy

Oh, yeah, all of that should be right in line with a “Republican” who was pro choice, pro gay marriage and pro card check.  In what is becoming all too common in today’s politics, it appears that Scozzafava was willing to vote with Republicans before she voted against Republicans!

During the course of the Vikings/Packers game (BTW, Vikings won in case you missed it), HeatherRadish made a comment that she hoped the NRCC could get their money back from Scozzafava.  I shot back that they don’t deserve a dime.  Just like the folks who voted for Obama, the NRCC had all the information they needed, to know who they were supporting in Dede Scozzafava.  Also, just like the folks who supported Obama, to claim after the fact, that “they didn’t know” or that this is not the “fill in the blank” they thought they knew, is disingenuous at best and bordering on criminal at worse. 

The RNC, NRCC and other national Republican organizations need to understand that people like Dede Scozzafava and Arlen Specter while termed RINOs are not even that.  People like Scozzafava and Specter are/were Republicans only because their constituents wouldn’t elect a Democrat.  They were ROCOs, Republicans of convenience only.

It’s time people understand that politics is not just an adult party game.  It’s time for people to understand that politics, who you support and vote for, is consequential.  It my be trite but elections do have ramifications and it’s time for people to vote understanding what those ramifications will be.

It’s ironic that the same day that Brett Favre returned to complete against his career long team in Green Bay, Dede Scozzafava turned against the party that she claimed life long affinity to.  While my friends in Wisconsin may disagree, Farve’s change in loyalty only impacts a game.  Scozzafava’s impacts the real lives of the people of her district and this country.  Shame on you Dede Scozzafava!

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