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Archive for November 13th, 2009

About 14 3/4 Minutes of Fame Too Long

by @ 5:11. Filed under Miscellaneous.

You may remember Carrie Prejean.  She was the young lady who was discriminated against in the Miss USA 2009 pagent because of her Christian views, which just happen to align with the majority of Americans, regarding gay marriage.  Miss Prejean became quite a celebrity following the pageant events and rightly so.

Miss Prejean has attempted to leverage her moment of fame into something more including the release of a new book.  Unfortunately, while Miss Prejean was good in her initial moment, probably because she hadn’t had time to think about it and gave an answer from her heart, in nearly every event since she’s found a way to chip away at the good will she gained from the pageant events. 

In her latest, and I hope final public appearance, Miss Prejean attempts to play some sort of diva on Larry King’s show.  When asked why she decided to settle her lawsuit rather than pursue it through the full legal course, Prejean not only refused to answer a simple question but told King he was “inappropriate” for even asking the question.

Clearly, Prejean resonated with much of the country with her pagent response and the events that followed.  Unfortunately, Prejean is trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame beyond her capability of dealing with it.  At this point, she ought to move on to her next issue.  For this issue, her “fame” has lasted about 14 3/4 minutes too long

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