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Archive for November 1st, 2009

PSA – set your clocks back

by @ 9:01. Filed under Miscellaneous.

This is the Emergency Blogging System. This is not a test; a test has questions.

For those of you in the US (and not in those parts that don’t observe Daylight Savings), Daylight Savings Time ended at 2 am local time today. If you have a WordPress blog (whether it is on, a WordPress stand-alone, or WordPress MU – this includes Blogivists and Conservablogs), and you had the time changed for Daylight Savings, you need to change it back to Standard Time (Central UTC -6, Mountain UTC -7, Eastern UTC -5, Pacific UTC -8, and check your clock for other locales). To do so, go into your wp-admin panel, select “Settings”, and under the “General Settings” page that pops up, select the right time zone. Don’t forget to hit “save” when you’re done.

Again, this is not a test. Had this been a test, you wouldn’t have been given official news, instructions or information. This concludes this broadcast of the Emergency Blogging System.

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