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Tell me again why Milwaukee is a sanctuary city/county

by @ 19:38 on March 9, 2008. Filed under Immigration.

(H/T – Michelle)

Revisions/extensions (9:06 pm 3/9/2008) – Also on the case: Patrick, Peter, HeatherRadish and Jessica. Also, I agree wholeheartedly with Dad29 in the comments. I think the ammo will be coming in more-powerful calibers and grains than just the .40 S&W.

Jessica’s girls at Frontpage Milwaukee committed what Charlie would call a flagrant act of journalism. Elizabeth Bolin and Megan Schmidt found that 188 previously-deported felon illegal aliens went through Milwaukee County Jail on fresh charges over the last 4 years, that 9 of those went through a second time despite having federal detain holds placed on them (though it is not clear whether they were deported and returned yet again or whether they never left the US), and that at least 108 of them were not charged with illegal re-entry after deportation (80 people were charged with that federal crime over that period, though it is not known whether those 80 are part of the 188 FPM focused on, or how many of those 80 were actually re-deported).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, because previously-deported felons are the only class of illegal aliens the county tracks. That pretty much mirrors the city of Milwaukee’s “don’t ask” policy. As a result, nobody knows how many illegal aliens have passed through either the county jail or through police custody.

Since I will undoubtedly trigger a pingback to Michelle’s site, and I’m pissed enough to unleash more than a few choice words, I’ll put the rest of the commentary on page 2.

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