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Crapweasel of the day

by @ 10:22 on March 25, 2008. Filed under Compassionate Lieberals, War on Terror.

Uncle Jimbo, who is on the National Heroes Tour, has found some crapweasels in the greater Twin Cities area. The oh-so-tolerant left couldn’t abide a few veterans giving the youth at Forest Lake High School some positive words about the media, so they got linguini-spined principal Steve Massey to cancel the event because it was “too political”.

Too political, Massey? As Uncle Jimbo pointed out, the only ones making this political are the Gorons who cannot abide any positive message about the military being told to the skulls full of mush. Peter notes that The Corner found out it it was the DUmmies behind this. I’m shocked, SHOCKED.

One of the commenters on Michelle Malkin’s thread notes there are schools giving students extra credit if they go to anti-war rallies. It would be very interesting to find out if Forest Lake High School is one of those; something tells me it is.

Revisions/extensions (4:30 pm 3/25/2008) – A couple of extensions. First, a tip of the cap to Cory down in the comments for Dan Riehl’s little expose on Mr. Massey’s past. While it doesn’t definitely answer my suspicions on whether the school offered extra credit for protesting the war, it does reinforce my suspicions that he is a liberal crapweasel.

Related to that, one Eric Langless, a school board member there, has promised in Dan’s comments that he will look into this.

Finally, a bit of good old-fashioned student protest against the administration, conservative edition, comes to us from Powerline via Michelle Malkindozens of students walked out of school to see the rescheduled speech at the American Legion. Student Elijah Miller summed up the actions of the school, “My brother’s in the armed forces…it’s a slap in the face for people with family members in the armed forces.”

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