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WWII German subs found in the Black Sea

by @ 16:11 on February 3, 2008. Filed under History, War.

(H/T FReeper Stoat)

Two of the three German U-boats stranded in the Black Sea and ultimately scuttled when Romania turned against Germany in World War II were found by a Turkish team.

Those three U-boats, as well as 3 ultimately sunk by the Soviets, had a very interesting trip to the Black Sea. All 6 were part of the strangling of Britain when Hitler decided to make his fateful turn east. It was decided by the German High Command to move them to the Black Sea to attack Soviet shipping. Because Turkey, which controlled access to the Black Sea through control of the Bosporous and Daradelles straits, was neutral, and those straits were too shallow to allow submerged passage, Germany couldn’t just sail the subs into the Black Sea. Instead, Germany partially disassembled them and floated them via canals and the Elbe River from Kiel to Dresden. At that point, they trucked to Ingolstadt. There, they were floated down the Danube River to Constanta, Romania. They had some success, as they sunk over 45,000 tons of shipping.

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