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Secluded? SECLUDED?!?!?!?

by @ 13:44 on September 14, 2007. Filed under Law and order, Lawgivers-In-Black.

Revisions/extensions (10:58 pm 9/14/2007) – For those of you who can’t get the WMV embed to play, here’s the YouTube version. I do not as a rule embed YouTube videos as I can’t get the sound to work with either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

R&E part 2 (11:40 am 9/17/2007) – Patrick has a better video.

If you haven’t heard by now, Sheboygan County Circuit Judge Timothy M. Van Akkeren overturned a guilty verdict on a child enticement charge rendered by a jury against a slimeball serial sex offender by the name of Mitchell D. Pask. The Journal Sentinel has a quick, yet exhaustive, history on Pask, including his past and present history with Van Akkeren (which includes the charge he is still in jail for at the moment, indecent touching of a woman at a Sheboygan store), and Patrick over at Badger Blogger has a good starter’s list of other cases that Van Akkeren took the perp’s side, but let’s focus on this one.

In Van Akkeren’s instructions to the jury, he defined “secluded area”, a necessary condition for child enticement, as “a place screened or hidden from view or remote from others.” With that in mind, I took a little trip to Workers’ Water Street Park…

I seem to have found three spots that would meet the above definition of “secluded area”, one right at the picnic shelter itself, and two within easy walking distance. Then again, considering the Lawgiver-In-Black loves to let perps walk, I don’t suppose he thought of that.

I hope the fine folks in Sheboygan County act on this about the end of April, 2008, when Van Akkeren becomes eligible for recall.

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