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Welcome to Florida part 2

by @ 18:13 on November 16, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Silent E is wondering whether Wisconsin’s version of Al Gore has conceded. Kathleen Falk hasn’t conceded yet, and depending on when the last county reports its results to the State Elections Board, she’ll have until 11/27 to do so – a candidate has to wait for the final canvas to be reported to file for a recall (due no later than 11/21), then he or she has 3 days to do so (since the state takes a 4-day weekend Thanksgiving week, that extends the deadline from Friday to the following Monday).

That got me digging around the SEB website, and while there isn’t any news from the Falk campaign, there were three recalls ordered in Assembly races (unofficial vote totals courtesy AP/JSOnline:

By way of comparsion, Falk lost 1,062,657 to 1,053,856 (0.42%).

Out of the 3 ordered recounts and one likely recount, the only one with a realistic chance of changing the result is the one in the 43rd. Along those lines, I wonder if there are 10 people in far southern Dane County, western Rock County, and the city/town of Whitewater that are regretting not voting right about now.

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