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Archive for November 8th, 2006

Carnival of the Badger – Group Therapy edition is up

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Elliot has this week’s Carnival of the Badger up over at From Where I Sit.

Dr. Sigmund Fraud sure sounds real.

Fallout from the Republican Meltaway begins

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Donald Rumsfeld resigns, will be replaced as Defense Secretary by Robert Gates.

Dennis Hastert will not seek the minority leadership position.

Welcome to Florida

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According to the top-of-the-hour newscast, Kathleen Falk will not concede until at least the official canvas is completed, and then likely will pursue a recount strategy. Why am I not surprised? Is it because Craps needs her to refuse state cooperation into the federal investigation into him? Is it because Craps doesn’t really think that his running mate, Babs Lawton, is ready for prime time should he go down? In any case, the AG’s race isn’t over for at least another 20 days (November 27th, the last day that Falk can request a recount).

Almost instant analysis

Brian Fraley, who engineered one of the two lone bright spots in Wisconsin, asks what the license plate of the truck that ran over us is. Let’s see if I can’t help answer the question after sobering up some:

Taxes are dead as a campaign issue. – If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I’ve pimped the tax issue since I started. I hate to admit it has failed spectacularily, but it has.

Let’s take a look at two races; the 21st Senate and the Oak Creek/Franklin school referendum, both in areas that have been historically anti-tax. Before the now-retired Cathy Stepp, the previous two senators from the Racine area were tossed out because they advocated higher taxes. Indeed, George Petak suffered the first successful recall of a senator in ages over voting for the Miller Park sales tax. Running to replace Stepp were Bill McReynolds, who demonstrated fiscal responsibility as Racine County executive, and John Lehman, who actually said that Wisconsin was not a tax hell. The tax-and-spender won by 5 percentage points.

In Oak Creek and eastern Franklin, the school board sought a third spending referendum in a decade, one that costs more than either of the two previously passed, and made no effort to hide that they’ll be back for much more to address “needs” that were allegedly addressed by those two previous referenda as soon as the building authorized by that referendum is completed. Thanks in no small part to all these referenda, property taxes in the district rose to among the highest in the county. On the other hand, this was one of the hotbeds of the revolt of 2002, with Oak Creek sending a tax-freezing Republican to the Assembly, breaking 80 years of Democrat dominance of the district. That representative has run unopposed in both 2004 and 2006. The latest jam to the taxpayers won by 4 percentage points.

Ethics is a “break”, not “make” issue for Republicans. – A LOT of Republicans with at best tenuous ties to Jack Abramoff and Mark Foley went down in flames. Meanwhile, Jim Doyle, Rod Blagojevich, Bob Menendez and William Jefferson, all Democrats being criminally investigated for various corruption charges, live on to collect more taxpayer-funded paychecks.

Negative campaigning works, at least if you start early. – Let’s take a look at the governor’s and attorney general’s races. Jim Doyle’s campaign team started attacking Mark Green the moment Scott Walker dropped out of the race. Green’s campaign remained silent until September, and then didn’t go negative right away.

Similarily, JB Van Hollen’s campaign team started pointing out Kathleen Falk’s complete lack of prosecutorial experience the day after the primaries. Falk went very negative very late in the race.

The “dinosaur” media still has a lot of sharp teeth. – As invested as talk radio and right-wing bloggers were in trying to stop the Democrat tsunami, the traditional media became invested in creating said tsunami. Guess who won.

Pushing social conservative values still works most of the time. – Defenses of traditional marriage passed in almost every state in which it was an issue, and the return of the death penalty in Wisconsin was strongly endorsed. Balancing that out was the marriage defense failure in Arizona and the rejection of a strong anti-abortion initiative in South Dakota.

Similarily, law and order is a winning issue. – See the attorney general race. Also, note that David Clarke, who is still working on turning the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department into a professional urban police force, handily defeated Don Holt, who wanted to return the department into solely a revenue generator. Further, John Chisholm, who at least says he wants to prosecute aggressively, handily whipped Lew Wasserman, who wanted to expand the catch-and-release program that is the DA’s office.

Revisions/extensions (9:30 am 11/8/2006) – Thanks for trying to talk me down, Charlie. I am going to need a lot of help with this one.

Winners and losers

Revisions/extensions (8:15 am 11/8/2006) – We have a winner in the AG race, and I added a few other races I didn’t have before.
Further revisions/extensions (10:40 pm 11/8/2006) – Scratch the Virginia recount; George Allen is more honorable than Kathleen Falk. Needles to say, Allen is a Pubbie, while Falk is a ‘Rat.

Time to go through the winners and losers:

Winners –

Democrats – Well, duh. The ‘Rats took both houses of Congress (pending a likely recount in Virginia), the majority of governor’s mansions (including soundly keeping Jim “Craps” Doyle in position to reward his contributors and exact retribution on everybody else), and the state Senate.

Terrorists – With control of Congress, the ‘Rats will defund the War on Terror and likely seek to conduct a “Constitutional coup” (they don’t have the 67 votes in the Senate to install Nancy Pelosi though). If the Islamokazis are smart, they’ll lay off the attacks a bit longer and let the ‘Rats also take the White House.

Crooked politicians – Doyle, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (all ‘Rats) all won. Also, William Jefferson, the Louisiana ‘Rat with the $90,000 in the freezer, finished first in his Congressional re-election bid and faces a runoff.

Traditional marriage – Every state with a referendum on the ballot regarding marriage except one (Arizona the outlier, with Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin the majority) voted to uphold traditional marriage.

Law and order – JB Van Hollen beat back official Doyle whitewasher Kathleen Falk for AG, and John Chisholm at least ensured that Milwaukee County DA’s office won’t become even more of a catch-and-release office than it already is.

Losers –

Republicans – Well, duh. Every type of Pubbie, from the very conservative (Rick Santorum) to the RepubicRATs (Lincoln Chafee) lost.

Taxpayers – Between Doyle, the state Senate ‘Rats (especially John Lehman and Jim Sullivan) and various referenda (including, unfortunately, another $28.5 million in Oak Creek/Franklin), taxes will continue to skyrocket with no limits.

The other bit of good news from last night

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99% of the vote in –

J.B. Van Hollen (R) 1,055,342
Kathleen Falk (D) 1,046,327

Law and order now moves into the “winner” column.

“Thank” you Mary Panzer

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Before I start on the winners and losers from this election, I would like to extend a personal “thanks” to former State Senate Majority “Leader” Mary Panzer for killing TABOR in 2004. Because of her, and because of the resulting re-election of Jim “Craps” Doyle (ALWAYS For Sale) and the takeover of the State Senate by the ‘Rats, taxes will continue to skyrocket in Wisconsin the next 6 years.

Had she shepherded TABOR through in 2004 (and assuming it would have gone through this past session as well), it would have been on the ballot in this election. Now, with the party that officially says that taxes are not high enough in charge of one house of the Legislature, we won’t be able to get either a freeze or any form of TABOR/TPA through this session, or get it onto the ballot until 2012. I hope to be long gone from Wisconsin by then.

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