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Archive for November 5th, 2006

November Drinking Right/Casper for Everything Victory Party

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If you have nothing better to do after voting for your favorite Republicans, for traditional marriage (by voting YES on the DOMA amendment), for the death penalty, against any spending referrenda that might be on your ballot, and writing in Dave Casper for US Senate and Jeff Wagner for Milwaukee County District Attorney (and the only excuse is if you’re personally invited to another Pubbie’s victory party), come on down to the combination November Drinking Right/Casper For Everything Victory Party. As always, it’s at Papa’s Social Club, 7718 W. Burleigh in Milwaukee. If you lost the directions from last month, take US45 to Burleigh and head east about 2 miles. Papa’s is on the north side of the street.

We booted independent Milwaukee DA candidate Lew Wasserman from Papa’s just for this event (no, I am not making this up; he wanted Papa’s for his drown-the-sorrows wake and the owner sent him next door into Mama’s Pizza). We’ll be looking for you.

Ding-Dong, Saddamite will be dead

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Which Saddamite?
The gassing Saddamite.
The Iraqis have said he’ll hang.

Still want to put him back in power, ‘Rats?

Back in the saddle again Week 9

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Been busy prepping for a move in the middle of next week (well, that’s when the final piece rolls into the new place in the form of a new bed), so I haven’t been able to post the recaps. Oh well, at least I’ve got the Net back in time to give you some things to think about for this week of football…

Green Bay (+3.5) @ Buffalo – That extra half point is too much to pass up. There will be no blocking for Green, who will have essentially no breathers.
Miami @ Chicago (-14) – Let me put it this way; it’s not in Miami and it’s not on Monday Night. The ghosts of the ’72 Dolphins will have to find another way to stop the Bears. Go over the 37.5 for extra money.
Atlanta (-6) @ Detroit – No pass rush = another huge game for Ron Mexico.
Kansas City (+3) @ St Louis – The Chefs get no respect. Take full advantage of this lead pipe.
Cincinnati @ Baltimore (-3) – Who knew that Brian Billick was an offensive genius? This spells doom for the BenGALS and the rest of the AFC.
Houston @ NY Giants (-13.5) – Strahan will become the Giants’ all-time sack leader in the first Texans possession, and that will lead to a G-men TD.
Tennessee (+10) @ Jacksonville – The storylines are a QB controversy for the Jags and a real jag getting a suspension for the Tennesseans.
Dallas (-3) @ Washington – Running a MASH unit is a sure way to pile up losses in the NFL. The Deadskins sure could use Tony Stewart, but he’d have to play the line.
New Orleans (-1) @ Tampa Bay – This will be the game that Reggie Bush goes over 100 yards on the ground.
Minnesota @ San Francisco (+5.5) – See the Deadskins.
Cleveland @ San Diego (-13) – Time for the Bolts to come up with a few stonings.
Denver (+2.5) @ Pittsburgh – I don’t want whatever the joker who installed the Stillers as favorites smoked and drank. Neither Big Ben nor Charlie Freaking Batch are fit to tie Peyton Manning’s cleats.
Indianapolis @ New England (-3) – NBC really lucked out in the last week before they can start raiding Fox and CBS. This here is the game of the year.
Oakland (+7.5) @ Seattle – You may like the points, you may want the points, and if you gamble either legally or with a reputable bookie, you’ll get the points, but you’re not gonna need them. Who needs an offense when you have a play-breaking defense?

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