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The Cheddarsphere react to Tommy for Pres Part 1/2 continues

by @ 19:28 on November 16, 2006. Filed under Politics - National, Politics - Wisconsin.

(This will be updated more-or-less frequently, and if I can remember to change the time, I will. If I miss you, let me know below and I’ll add you.)

There is a reason why I call it Part 1/2; his abortive run in 2000 was only a quarter of an effort, and I doubt that, despite saying he’ll file to form an exploratory committee, Wisconsin’s biggest tease will go through with it. What the rest of the right side of the Cheddarsphere is saying (Folkbum, Feldstein and company need not apply):

James Wigderson – He promises as President to spend like a drunken sailor on asphalt from sea to shining sea, and a dog track in every community in America. He then said to the farmers of Iowa, “LET’S STICK IT TO MINNESOTA!”

Silent E – Not conservative enough. Not conservative at all. Not pretty enough. No Chance…………..

Peter over on RDW (expecting something similar on his blog shortly) – They don’t call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing.

Michelle Malkin (so she’s not a Cheddarhead; I grant special dispensation based on this week’s Vent) – Five letters for you–L.O.S.E.R. (damn, but that’s harsh, but what do you expect from someone who displays a bigger set of balls than Fox News)

Aaron (who didn’t hear the news) – I say it’s time for Tommy to run.

Jib – Clearly his ego knows no bounds.

Sean Hackbarth – And soon after he’ll realize he can’t win then drop out.

Jenna – Thompson’s biggest problem is his complete and utter lack of foreign policy experience or knowledge.

Patrick – Tommy, please"¦ please"¦ Just don’t do it..

Charlie Sykes on the 11/16/2006 Sykes-Wagner Podcast – …(I)f the term “dark horse” doesn’t apply here, I don’t know when you would use the term “dark horse”.

Jeff Wagner on the same podcast – …(T)he reality is, it seems to me, that his time has passed.

Marcus Aurelius on the Badger Blog Alliance – I don’t think Tommy would be any better with the veto pen and pork than W or when he was The Guv.

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