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New Berlin mayor robbing from the taxpayers to give to the city

by @ 7:09 on November 30, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, Taxes.

Matt Thomas has all the details, including an update from one of the 2 aldermen who voted to not rob the taxpayers blind. To sum it up, the city of New Berlin, after finding out how much the School Tax Levy Credit was going to be, used that money to justify increasing their budget despite direction from both the state Department of Revenue and the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to not consider that money as revenue for the city (or any other taxing authority). Thomas, who is Vice President of the New Berlin School Board, was not informed by the city that this credit had increased before the New Berlin Common Council meeting last night, where the budget was adopted, despite the city knowing since no later than November 22.

If any of you Photoshop geniuses can do Matt a favor, he’d like a pic of Chiovatero/Swiper/Robin Hood/Fonzie jumping a shark.

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