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The 29th posting of the Carnival of the Badger

by @ 0:05 on March 2, 2006. Filed under Carnival of the Badger.

After hemming and hawing over trying to sort this wide-ranging crop of entries (well, at least wide-ranging in topics, some of the fine folks on the other side of the aisle seem to be MIA this week), I decided I don’t do announced themes. So, pull out your favorite beverage, and let’s begin with Brian Fraley and his take on the hyperventilating Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage of Martinifest.

Now that you’ve downed your first drink, grab another as Peter deconstructs the latest and most-ambitious moonbat flight; you’ll need it when you see what the folks at United for Peace & Justice want.

While the focus is on the anti-war crowd, James Wigderson has, within his free-form piece on Sen. Herb Kohl, Kohl’s reaction to a bunch of protestors that stormed the stage at one of his rallies. We’ll get back to the tactics of the Left in a bit.

Here’s some advice I really should take to heart before I break out Tony Montana’s little friend – Aaron and Belle give some lethal advice on how to get your posts noticed, at least those posts that aren’t a Carnival one :-)

We get a second dose of Belle as she almost banishes the Blogfather from her blogroll because she disappeared from his, only to discover that Charlie still likes her enough to give her a almost-world-famous Sykes Spike for hosting this week’s Point-Counterpoint on corporate blogging, co-authored by Fred. Well, upon further review, that’s a triple-shot, though 2 of those were with chasers.

Speaking of multiple entries, Fred starts his run by unloading on the Racine and Jefferson County DAs for not charging anybody from Voces de la Frontera for boisterously taking their case against AB69 to the home of state Senator Cathy Stepp. Gee; I wonder where the people that stormed the stage at the Kohl rally up above got the idea they could also get away with it.

He then finishes off his double-bubble by shamelessly plugging his upcoming appearance on Jessica McBride’s radio program Friday. Even though Jessica didn’t send the reason why I let Fred’s plug in, it’s actually the start of a recurring feature on her program to have conservative Wisconsin bloggers in the studio. Just a word of warning; you don’t want me anywhere near a mike connected to a 50,000-watt antenna. Stone-sober, I’m VERY boring, and rip-roaring drunk, I’m merely boring.

Staying with the multiple theme for a while, we have two bloggers, Chip and Patrick, comment on John Gard’s burying of a bill to allow the city of Milwaukee to stop paying some of the fired officers while their appeals are heard. Chip is hopeful that the Milwaukee Police Association will come to some sort of agreement, while Patrick includes a current pic of Gard in his savaging.

How appropriate that bars are where you find double-bubble drink specials; they’re among the places Milwaukee wants to ban smoking. Mike says “The smoking lamp is still lit, but it’s flickering.” as he exposes the push for a statewide ban on smoking, while Elliot reminds us that words have meaning, and says that while you can call Milwaukee many things, you can’t call them “nannies”.

Getting back to the Legislature’s attempt to limit drivers’ licenses to those in the country legally and be in compliance with federal law (which is waiting for Gov. Jim Doyle’s signature), Casper points out the hypocrisy of those that wanted to continue to give law-breaking non-citizens here illegally a privilege while they seek to continue to deny law-abiding citizens a right endorsed by the state Supreme Court.

Brent, next week’s host, has an interesting concept town being developed in Florida by the founder of Domino’s pizza where stores wouldn’t be allowed to sell pornographic magazines, pharmacies wouldn’t carry condoms or birth control pills, and the cable television system wouldn’t carry any X-rated channels. I’m not sure whether it was Thomas Monaghan’s statement that these bans were part of an attempt to create an overtly-traditional Roman Catholic community or the proposal of these bans that tripped the ACLU’s trigger, but they are promising to sue the pants off everybody involved. I bet all those dry counties down South are glad the ACLU wasn’t too active in the early 20th-century when they imposed bans on alcohol sales.

I guess I can forgive Jenna for being a bit late to the party; staying around the Capitol building long enough to catch Terri McCormick’s desperate attempt to differentiate herself from Gard in the 8th Congressional race by introducing an 11th-hour bill to mandate public hearings on every bill assigned to a committee is mentally draining.

Clint gives himself way too little credit; he has a cautionary tale of how those who don’t participate in government screw themselves and their fellow citizens over, especially when that government decides to play psychic.

If you’re wondering where Nick, our Carnival creator and ringmaster, is, he’s nursing various aches and pains after restarting his triathalon training.

Well, that’s it for this sloshed Carnival. As I said before, Brent, Milwaukee’s Layton Park Blogger has it next week, then it bounces to Casper and Cantankerous, the duo behind Ask Me Later and Matt at Know What I Mean?. Beyond that, it’s an open card. Seeing Nick let me host a Carnival, he’ll let you host one too. Just give him a holler over here.

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