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Attention, your attention please

by @ 19:20 on March 1, 2006. Filed under Carnival of the Badger.

My watch says 19:20, which means there are 40 minutes left until the Carnival ticket window closes. Get them in; I have how below or in the Carnival of the Badger link on the left side of the page. The fastest way now is through e-mailing badgercarnival – at – gmail – dot – com.

So far, I have 6 participants, so it looks like it’s going to be a long night hunting the rest of you down. That’s all right; I’ve got my Mountain Dew and my Louisville Slugger :-)

Revisions/extensions – it is now 20:03, and while the ticket window is officially closed, it’s going to be a long night while I hunt down some of the regulars who seem to have lost their way this week.

Revisions/extensions part 2 – As of 21:06, I’m ALMOST done gathering the posts and a very basic idea of how I want to present them, including a few that came in after the window officially closed. I don’t think I’ll be forced to go through the previous Carnivals or the blogroll with my Louisville Slugger to beat loose some additional posts, but you never know. I still have to try to come up with a theme, so you REAL late stragglers do have a bit of time left.

Revisions/extensions 33 1/3rd – I got everything I’m getting, and am running the submissions through the wringer. I noticed a distinct lack of lefties this week; dunno why :-)

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