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57,58,59 or 60 – It Really Doesn’t Matter

by @ 5:08 on November 18, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

Some parts of the Country, political junkies and all the D.C. insiders are holding their breath awaiting the result of the Alaskan absentee count, the Minnesota recount and the Georgia runoff.   All actions that will determine Senate representation in those states.   The results will also determine whether the Democrats have 57, 58, 59 or the magical 60 votes.  

Here’s a news flash, the remaining 3 elections don’t matter.

Well, I guess they do matter if you’re into the community soccer “we’re all winners” kind of scoring.   However, in terms of running the Senate or holding the Democrats from running wild on their agenda, the results don’t matter.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s assume the Republicans hold the last three races.   Let’s look at a few issues and see if the Democrats can get them moved through.   Remember, it only takes 3 RINO defections to join the Democrats and the Democrats can cease debate and move to a vote.

Global warming – Specter, Coleman and McCain are all firm believers in man made global warming.  

Off Shore drilling – Coleman, Collins and Graham are just 3 of the 10 Republicans who were willing to give away any real ability to drill because they saw political advantage.

Illegal amnesty – McCain, Graham and Kyl were the ringleaders on the last go around.   I don’t expect they’ve found any reason to change their positions.

Abortion issues – Snowe, Collins and Specter are all pro choice.

There’s a part of me that  wishes the Dems would get their 60 votes.    Even at 59, Reid and his ilk will continue to stand in front of microphones and whine about “Republican obstructionists,” after which, he’ll cry “Buuuuuuuuuuuush.”   At 60, all of that goes away and the Dems will have no one but themselves to look.

Regardless of the outcome of the three remaining elections, the Dems will have full control of  Washington on nearly every issue that comes up.   After all, it’s not like this election has made the RINO an endangered species, it’s just made them a little less likely to blend into the background.

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