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The Morning Scramble, part 2 – 7/25/2008

by @ 11:13 on July 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

There’s just so much goodness in my feed reader from yesterday, I couldn’t do just one portion of the Scramble. It’s a good thing that Pink Floyd agrees that some things just require multiple parts…


  • On to the energy and envirowhacko portion – Robert brings news that we may have more oil than we thought.
  • James Wigderson says, “Don’t panic.” I can picture Lt. Frank Drebin standing before a broken CFL doing that as the hazmat crew seals off the house for a couple weeks.
  • Kathy Carpenter confesses to being a CFL disposal criminal for not calling in the hazmat crew.
  • John Hawkins explodes the myth that T. Boone Pickens is peddling wind and natural gas for environmental reasons; Pickens has massive investments in both wind farms and natural gas holdings.
  • Flashy does the math on the No Drilling crowd. The only question is which century they want us in; the 13th or the 8th?
  • Van Helsing finds the green fad on Madison Ave. running out of steam. I guess I now have to state this – “How are we winning the scientific and public opinion battles and losing the political war on Gorebal ‘Warming’?”
  • Charlie Sykes relays a Jim Ott shredding of Jim Doyle’s handpicked Gorebal “Warming” Task Force. Do recall that, before he went to the Legislature, he was a meterologist for 30 years, and that he is still a member of the American Meteoroligist Society despite the worst efforts of High Priestess “Dr.” Heidi Cullen.
  • Little Miss Sunshine’s blood is boiling over Newsweek’s shameless use of the oh-so-endangered-Canada-hunts-them-for-sport polar bear to try to prop up Gorebal “Warming”. Somehow, I doubt 20,000 polar bears can fit into any “basketball arena” smaller than the RCA Dome.
  • I probably should have put this in part 1 along with the rest of the Obamination Watch, but somehow I filed it under Presstitute Follies – Trail-Mix is keeping a running total of the slant of the stories from The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that it’s Barack Obama +28, John McCain -21.
  • Patrick Hynes found a nexus between the nutroots and the presstitutes. Guess it truly is NOD’s “One vision, one purpose.”
  • Gopfolk laughs at the Washington Post’s partner. Birds of a feather….
  • Ed Lasky is laughing at the pending slash of NYT bonds to “junk” status.
  • American Pundit caught CNN manufacturing a disgruntled “College Republican”.
  • Wendy wonders just how WTMJ-TV will fill 3 1/2 hours of local news surrounding the NBC Nightly Propaganda. Stand by for even more Gorebal “Warming” Bravo Sierra now that Ott no longer works there.
  • Ace found out how the Columbians managed to fool FARC so completely; they pretended to be presstitutes. Specifically, they were masquerading as Che-shirt-wearing presstitutes.
  • Daniel notes that the terrorist-sympathizing majority on SCOTUS is out of touch with the rest of the country.
  • Uncle Jimbo starts the countdown clock on Iran after they threw out the nuclear inspectors. Yep, that worked out real well for Saddam Hussein.
  • Mary Katharine Ham asserts that the West is in its last stand in Israel.
  • Kat reports things are going well in Basra, and reminds us that it’s the beginning of the end.
  • William Teach exposes the surrender monkeys who are willing to give up in the south Asia theater, where both candidates want to redouble our efforts.
  • Sean M. has the latest episode of Failed Brittania; the “Conservative” Party wants Sharia law for bicycle thieves.
  • Zip found the local Six Flags (Great America Dhimmiland) conducting a “Muslim” day. Guess Cedar Point isn’t too far of a drive after all.
  • On to the rest of the news – TexasFred found Wilmette, Illinois accepting the reality of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Bill Quick declares victory now that a study claims there is no difference between boys and girls in math. I have two doses of bad news – it’s a result of the dumbing-down of math, and the forces that are assaulting the hard sciences aren’t satisfied with gender parity.
  • Dr. Melissa Clouthier summarizes the arguments on the new media war.
  • Kim Zigfried has today’s episode of the Return of the Soviet Union. Guess McCain was right about what is in Mad Vladimir Putin’s eyes – “KGB”.

Maybe I need to start cutting back on this.

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