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The Morning Scramble, part 1 – 7/25/2008

by @ 10:17 on July 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

This is going to be extra-filling today after yesterday’s light fare, so I’m going with a 2-parter. I hereby dedicate the first-half song to Uncle Jimbo and his search for a new avatar for Blackfive’s newest contributor, Driven…


  • Before I get into the heart of the extra-heavy Scramble, a PSA – The Game is organizing a charity golf outing to benefit his sister-in-law, who has breast cancer.
  • I don’t think we’re going to run out of Obamination targets anytime soon. Slublog offers in SluShop form the Obama campaign a few more places besides the Western Wall in Jerusalem to put campaign symbols.
  • Ace found nothing but deafening silence on Barack Obama’s newest warlike pledges.
  • Dad29 caught Time, the official magazine of the Obamination Express, blaming the lack of a poll bump on racism.
  • Jib has two questions for Obama.
  • Ace also found the German campaign rally pic of the day. That is not, by the way, a SluShop.
  • Sister Toldjah explains the cancelled Obama visit to wounded troops at a pair of American bases in Germany as the result of the trip being a campaign function. So many questions, so little time.
  • Uncle Jimbo defends the dropping of the trip because it was inappropriate to mix campaigning with troop-visits.
  • John McCormack explodes that canard with a bit of Colorado Springs history.
  • Moe Lane deduced Obama’s priorities list. Shopping came before the troops. I’m shocked, SHOCKED!
  • Ace figured out that it was because Obama couldn’t bring his sychophant presstitutes along.
  • Jon Ham has the definitive observations on the Berlin speech.
  • Jim Geraghty plays “Name That Source” with said speech and “We Are the World”.
  • Mary Katharine Ham plays “One of these things is not like the other”.
  • On a related note, her dad was the only one to catch a rather embarrassing error by Der Spiegel; the copy editor confused Ramstein Air Base with the group Rammstein.
  • D.M. Giangreco caught another Obamination Gaffe. When it comes to the history of the Berlin Airlift, I’ll trust the co-author of Airbridge to Berlin: The Berlin Crisis of 1948, Its Origins and Aftermath over a politician.
  • CDR Salamder and his wife found (created, actualy) the draft of Germany’s memorial to Obama.
  • Ed Morrissey found that “non-political” Berlin speech wasn’t so “non-political” after all. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that it would be a political speech.
  • After all, that promotional poster that Good Lt. found had an uncanny resemblance to a Soviet-era Lenin poster was paid for by the campaign.
  • GayPatriotWest quotes Ronald Reagan over Obama’s attempt to rewrite his history on the Surge.
  • Allahpundit notes another presstitute is about to be thrown under the Obamination Presstitute Express for daring to bring to light the fear amongst the presstitutes to look into Obama’s life.
  • Bill Quick found another proud supporter of Obama; a guy who was just executed for chasing down and holding down someone while another beat him to death.
  • Jim Hoft notes that death threats by Obamination supporters that are serious enough to warrant arrests have begun.
  • Jackboot discovered that the presstitute love for the Obamiantion isn’t universal, as the Brits deliver some serious satire.
  • Russ Vaughn puts the presstitute love for Obama to lyrics.
  • Dad29 reports that Obama, fresh from the declaration by the presstitutes and Obama himself that he already is the 44th President, is putting together his post-election transition team.
  • More Gateway Pundit – he found the Iranians pleased with Obama’s National Security Advisor. After all, Zbigniew Brezezinski has been appeasing them since the Peanut Farmer.
  • Last Obamination item – Zip lists the demands of the Muslims for Obama. He’ll implement at least half of them in the first year.
  • That doesn’t mean I’m done – Sean Hackbarth takes a critical look at the coming McCain Money Bomb.
  • Shoebox has a memo that John McCain and his campaign should read.
  • More “It has begun” from Jim Hoft – he found The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ trying to begin the McCain Is Too Old meme.
  • Time for the rest of the political news of the day – The Vintage one is saddened that the only soiled pants on the protestors at the DNC convention will be from natural causes.
  • Ed Lasky says to prepare for a repeat of the tossing of military votes at the insistence of the ‘Rats.
  • Emperor Misha I cheers the finding of a pair of gumballs by the Pubbie members of the Senate. We’ll see whether it’s real when it comes time to keep up a filibuster of the attempt to nationalize Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae, and give lots of taxpayer money to ‘Rat constituencies.
  • Nancy Coppock outlines that attempt by the bipartisan Party-In-Government to ram that through.
  • Lawhawk caught New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D) following Jim “Craps” Doyle’s (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) playbook on ethics. I wonder when he calls for sole control over the Public Integrity Commission like Doyle has over both the now-dissolved State Ethics and Elections Boards.
  • Justin Phillips found Rep. Sheldon Wasserman (D), fresh from his embarrassment on the links at the hands of his opponent, Sen. Alberta Darling (R), once again playing the “bad health” card, this time personally. Even as I type, Charlie Sykes is recounting how Wasserman swore up and down he repudiated the use of the bad health card the last time this came up. Stay classy, Sheldon.
  • Rizzuto dug up some rather interesting information on the DNC head of religious outreach/DNC Convention chair. I won’t spoil the surprise by mentioning it here, but I’m not the least bit surprised.
  • Plebian counted bumper stickers on his trip out West.
  • Kate reports on another candidate for the Harrassers in Government portion of the roll – the Memphis Police Department.
  • Ace gives President Bush some advice. Do not miss yet another SluShop.
  • John Hawkins dips into the memory hole to recall what the ‘Rats said about the Surge.
  • I guess I could call this the transition item – Michelle Malkin found the only place the ‘Rats want to drill – your wallet. Do note what every single ‘Rat believes is the solution – buy more Venezuelan heavy oil.

Stay tuned; part 2 is next.

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