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The Morning Scramble – 7/29/2008

by @ 12:11 on July 29, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I’m still running at half speed, but so is Joe Walsh…


  • Before this thing goes downhill, a PSA – Jessi is trying to start a new Tuesday meme on energy. I’ll fully-bite momentarily, but note right now that gas is $3.729/gallon (cold, hard cash only) for regular unleaded at a Mobil close to the bunker.
  • Moron Pundit lands a right cross to Barack Obama’s plan to fast-track alternative fuel sources to reduce the price of gas.
  • Dave in Texas found some Pubbies with enough spine to remind voters that Obama is a leading part of the Drill-Nothing Congress that has the lowest approval ratings EVAH! Odds are high that John McCain will repudiate this by the end of today.
  • Paleo-Pat enters the “It Has Begun” realm, as he found that servers tied to Obama’s campaign appear to have been used in a DOS attack of somebody not drinking the Obamination Kool-Aid. Whether it was somebody in Obama’s campaign or a cracker who made it look like the attack came from there, I believe it’s time to review the backup plans.
  • Owen found Obama’s plan for Social “Security” tax hikes lacking in details. Bonus coverage – do read Steve Austin’s comments.
  • Jim Hoft found some Iraqi officials who highly-doubt Obama’s committment to victory in Iraq. The money quote (from an unnamed Iraqi official) – “As far as he is concerned, this is Bush’s war and must end in lack of success, if not actual defeat.”
  • Ed Morrissey found another PUMA – Richard Cohen. I’m starting to get the feeling that the Obamination Express just might not make it to Invesco Field; do remember his margin of “victory” is the sole result of superdelegates who can still change their minds, some for the second time.
  • VP Speculation, Obama Edition, Part I – Lawhawk opens the bidding process with Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, with mention of a few others. Of note, the only other executive mentioned is the sole bone tossed to the estrogen portion of the PUMAs.
  • VP Speculation, Obama Edition, Part II – Jim Geraghty knocks down Kaine’s chances.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part I – I’m going back a few days, but I do have to give credit for this one where it’s due; Matt Wolking pumps up Eric Cantor. Personally, I believe it’s an intriguing pick.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part II – The Vintage one dug up a likely disqualifier for everybody’s favorite Alaskan mother-of-five. The source is so old, that it mentions only 4 of Sarah Palin’s children.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part III – Katie Favazza found The Wall Street Journal playing the age card on John Thune. Never mind he’s older than Obama by a matter of months, never mind he’s been in DC since 1997, and never mind that, as of right now, both he and WSJ fair-haired boy Tim Pawlenty are the same age. I wonder what they’d say about my Congresscritter.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part IV – Matt Lewis updates his conservative guide to VP picks (which I believe I forgot to link to yesterday) with Rob Portman and the aforementioned Cantor.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part V – Jim Geraghty updates his earlier report that it was going to be Pawlenty by noting that it was a Minnesota insider, and Pawlenty’s schedule hasn’t been reshuffled. Bonus coverage – that pick isn’t coming soon, which in my humble opinion, is the smart move.
  • VP Speculation, McCain Edition, Part VI (last one for this Scramble, I promise) – John Hawkins gathered up almost all the “hot” names and created a poll. To be honest, the only ones that even pique my interest are Palin and Thune, and there are reasons why I don’t particularily like the options.
  • Patrick Casey scores the Coburn-Reid battle over pork 1-0 Good Guy. The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ tried to beg to differ, but only exposed their rank partisanship.
  • I join Bull Dog Pundit in thanking Sen. Coburn.
  • Nate Beeler cues up “Holiday Road” for the do-nothing Congress.
  • The Vintage one has set up a shiny new place to promote conservative candidates – Down The Ticket. Those of you thinking about staying home because you’re even more disgusted with McCain and the “R”NC than I am (and that takes some doing; trust me), do remember there are 535 House seats and 33 Senate seats up this year, along with various local elections (the entire Wisconsin Assembly and just-under-half of the Senate for me).
  • Jim Hoft found one of the Presidential candidates (unnamed, but I’ll wager it was a DhimmiRAT, with minor covering action on Ron Paul-Nut) giving aid and comfort to sworn-enemy Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when Ahmadhimmijob was here last year.
  • Lady Logician explains why the ‘Rats are mind-numbed robots; it’s the Stepford Affliction.
  • Flip can’t follow Nancy Pelosi’s logic in demanding perpetual foreign oil dependency. News flash; she and her fellow envirowhackos want a 90% drop in the use of oil, specifically, the 90% not used by them.
  • Ed Morrissey asks whether the ‘Rats are beginning to crack on drilling. It truly is scary when Harry Reid is the voice sounding somewhat-sane.
  • Robert Bluey is amazed that Jerry Nadler only wants to go back to the 18th Century. Guess nobody told Nadler what powered the ships of the 18th Century, especially the latter part.
  • Dave in Texas continues the AoSHQ tradition of beautiful headlines on news of dead Islamokazis. To quote Uncle Jimbo, “Predator sends Hellfire, now it’s all bad (all bad).”
  • Ray Robinson has some analysis on the Taliban that you won’t hear from the LeftStreamMedia – namely, it’s the fact that we’re more forward-deployed than in the past that makes it seem like there’s a Taliban “resurgance”. Bonus news – we’re starting to get the various tribes to turn against the Taliban/Al Qaeda.
  • Of course, it’s not all good news in South Asia; lawhawk reports on a 12-hour firefight between Pakistan and India over control of Kashmir.
  • William Teach found the third of Muslims who believe it’s okay to be murdering Islamokazis and their sycophant dhimmitude supporters blaming the messanger. After all, they do share a common goal of wiping out Christianity. It is a pity that the sycophants are unable to recognize that the Islamokazis want them dead as well.
  • Jim H. Ainsworth introduces us to the long, sordid history of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and their equally-ill-conceived siblings.
  • Uncle Jimbo found a school/business partnership that works for poor kids.
  • J. Gravelle reminds us that all meat is “organic”. I do wholeheartedly agree with him on what is “artificial, unnatural, and bad for you”.
  • Dad29 reports that it’s Round 2 for Dick Heller. Guess we’re going to get a slow-motion double-tap.

I told you I was running at half-speed. I would’ve normally had this up an hour ago with even more links and thus still in the morning. Oh well; at least it’s not mourning.

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