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The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble – 7/28/2008

by @ 17:08 on July 28, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Once again, I’m extremely late with this. Sorry about that; haven’t been feeling good since Ned Yost decided he didn’t like 1st place and Hen¢AR and Goodyear decided they didn’t like teams not owned by Hendrick Motorsports….


  • We’ll reverse the order of proceedings today, and start with something light – Janet Evans says to watch for the 4-day school week. France, here we come!
  • Zip pays attention to what Al Qaeda is saying. Do remember their goal is 300,000,000 dead Americans (give or take the number that express 150% fealty to them).
  • Michelle Malkin caught the DNC paying Envirowhacko Carbon Credits to a school district whose wind turbine produces no electricity. I wonder how much of a cut Algore Goracle got out of it.
  • MataHarley asks whether the electric-car “cure” is worse than the Gorebal “Warming problem”. If you thought the “science” was shaky on CO2, wait until you check out the lack-of-science on H2O.
  • Dad29 proves, using the Governor’s Gorbebal “Warming” task force’s report, that Gorebal “Warming” is all about the return to the 13th Century, with a big, fat heaping, steaming pile of Communism thrown in for good measure.
  • Shoebox found Minneapolis’ mayor finding a “better” use for $500,000 than either road repairs or taxpayers’ pockets – 10 custom-built artsy-fartsy bubblers (that’s drinking fountains for those of you outside the Milwaukee area). The individual cost is something north of 10 times the most-expensive ADA-compliant/freeze-resistant standard-construction fountain I could find in a quick search of the Web (and that is a dual-bubbler design).
  • Lance Burri laughs at both the ‘Rats of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and the local paint-catcher. $77,500 in a four-way primary race for Congress against $1,200,000 to be spent in at least 2 media markets (specifically, the 2 most-expensive based-in-state ones) when there are Assembly candidates raising more cash (while covering less than a tenth of the area) is pathetic.
  • Matt Naugle caught an Ohio ‘Rat sending a look-alike to a parade.
  • Swint asks how John McCain is so close in the polls.
  • A brief dip into the Obamination Watch since it fits here – Dr. Melissa Clouthier asks whether Obama peaked too early. Do remember to vote in her poll.
  • How close? How early? How much of a backlash? Jim Hoft found McCain up by 4 points among likely voters.
  • Guess it’s 2 steps forward, 2 steps back at NRE today – Allahpundit notes McCain’s most-powerful arrow is now out of the quiver and on the ground broken as McCain signs onto Barack Obama’s 16-months timeline with presstitute-ignored qualifications. It’s only fitting that Wile E. Coyote (super genius) calls Arizona home.
  • Slublog wonders whether McCain’s support of the Fannie/Freddie bailout means that the other powerful arrow in McCain’s quiver, his opposition to excessive government spending, is also broken on the ground. Sure looks like it.
  • Michelle Malkin caught the American presstitutes applying Great Circus Parade Math (for those outside Milwaukee, that’s presstitutes greatly inflating the crowd estimates to prop up a favored item) to Obama’s Berlin speech.
  • Eric dubs Obama the Hannah Montana of politics.
  • Jon Ham found an organization lifted up out of the wheel wells of the Obamination Express – Blackwater. That’s right, eeeeeevil Blackwater provided security for the Iraq portion of the Obamination World Tour.
  • Rick Moran lists the top ten things about Obama that creep him out.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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