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The Morning Scramble – 6/30/2008

by @ 7:08 on June 30, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Let’s see if I can get this done quickly; I’m off to Cedar Point since I’m almost all the way down here…


  • I would be remiss if I didn’t show you what I ate this weekend. The rest of you Morons just don’t know what you missed.
  • Crunchie0311 (or is it 0311 crunchie?) smacked down the Chicago Tribune’s editorial idiotorial board. That reminds me; I’ll have to restart the Idiotorial of the Day contest when I get back.
  • Kate has the cartoon of the day.
  • JammieWearingFool reports a French commando “accidentally” used live ammunition during an open day demonstration. Fortunately, nobody died (yet), though out of 16 wounded, 4 were in serious condition.
  • Fausta exposes Barack Obama’s New-Ageism. I wonder what the out-of-the-country Islamists will think about that.
  • Warner Todd Huston notes just how little respect the Cult of Obamination has for opposing viewpoints (pay attention, those of you using Blogger; if you haven’t been targeted yet, you likely will be).
  • William Teach predicts a bus-tossing for Wesley Clark. Put me down for high noon Tuesday.
  • Headless Blogger explores what happens when the tracks get flooded out. That’s right, AMTRAK is a government operation.
  • Bill Quick notes the presstitute follies are beginning with the reporting on the anti-Obama/anti-John McCain/pro-Hillary Clinton vandalizing of a bunch of cars in Florida.
  • Sister Toldjah runs through a couple more bogus attacks on McCain from the left.
  • Karl offers a sage piece of advice to McCain on the economy; less is more.
  • I doubt McCain will take it; after all, nocomme1 notes he isn’t exactly into us conservatives.
  • Shoebox coined a new term for the no-drill ‘Rats – DOPES. It definitely fits.
  • Tom McMahon delivers the 4-Block to hope and reality.
  • Uncle Jimbo and Kev launched a Freefly into professional journalist treasonist Seymour Hersh, the aforementioned Clark, and the aforementioned Frenchie (standard Freefly language rules apply).
  • Kevin Fischer notes Japan has gone to a very strict waist-measurement regime. If Healthy (and Depopulated) Wisconsin or the Obamination Health Care plan comes to fruition, this is our future.
  • Lance Burri has today’s useless public union news; the unionized Baraboo city workers have filed a grievance because the volunteer firefighters were filling sandbags during the height of the flooding. My solution; next time, sandbag everything except the union thugs’ homes.

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