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The Morning Scramble – 6/25/2008

by @ 9:46 on June 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

In honor of ex-Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee/Jackson Jr, freshly convicted of 9 federal felonies, I present some more AC/DC (hopefully the alderthug doesn’t get any ideas of a jailbreak; they tend to end badly)… R&E (9:53 am 6/25/2008) – D’OH! I grabbed the wrong song.


  • I was going to go straight to the Obamination Watch, but there is a thing or two I need to highlight first. Warner Todd Huston asks, “What for a blog?” If you read but one thing today, read that.
  • Uncle Jimbo has the details on a fundraiser the American Hitmen are doing in Utah this weekend. Even if you can’t make it, do hit the donation page.
  • Now, the Obamination Watch. I almost went with “Big Balls” from AC/DC because a certain bit of lyrics matches up so well with the actions of Barack Obama. Mike notes that Obama lied and lied again.
  • Plebian noticed Eric Holder entered the FBI’s Advisor Protection Program to avoid that bus (or at least Holder would have if there were such a thing). If your name is on his friends list,…
  • Enough joking around; Ed Morrissey has the latest group to go under the Obamination Express; Muslims. …(H)e’ll surely throw you under.
  • Jim Geraghty noticed that town hall meetings are well and truly under the wheels. Everybody says he’s got a great bus of fire.
  • Dick Morris and Eileen McGann ask, “Is Barack Obama Teflon?” Mary has my answer.
  • John McAdams found another unsavory character supporting Obama.
  • Josh Schroeder presents the Obamination/Dobson fruitcake constitution.
  • Headless Blogger found that no-energy BANANAs are on that fruitcake.
  • Stephan Tawney found yet another loaded Obamination poll, this time on the Left Coast.
  • John Hawkins notes Obama’s supporters are reaching out to the soon-to-be-convicted and the ex-cons. They’re juuuuust a bit late with McGee/Jackson.
  • Charles Johnson kicked up Seal-Gate Ver. 2.0. What the Obamination Machine is doing may be subliminal, but it isn’t subtle.
  • Second dose of Geraghty (just because I can, and because he’s on the Ed Morrissey Show today as he is just about every Wednesday); he compares the Obamination v McCainiac campaign to Mac vs PC (did I mention he’s not an Apple guy?).
  • JammieWearingFool notes Obama’s tepid call for a delay in the Zimbabwe presidential runoff election. Bonus coverage; a commenter on the thread remembers that it was the Peanut Farmer that gave us dictator-for-life Robert Mugabe.
  • Leslie Carbone relays Baby Max’s mother’s answer to Momma’s Boy Alex’s momma.
  • The gang at IBD says, “Know them (Obama and John McCain) by their endorsements.” I’ll add, “Know why despots are endorsing those they are endorsing.”
  • Okay; it’s time for the rest of the Scramble. Allahpundit found some discontent with the Next Anointed One in the GOP.
  • Sean Hackbarth has the pitch that Paul Ryan (my Congresscritter, and outside of southeast Wisconsin and some conservative circles, not the Next Anointed One in the GOP) delivered to a bunch of conservative bloggers yesterday. For the life of me, I don’t know why he’s not considered the future of the GOP.
  • Michelle Malkin and the voters in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District told pro-shamnesty incumbent Pubbie Chris Cannon, “DLTDHYOTWO!”
  • Amanda Carpenter notes the home-buyers’ home-lenders’ bailout program was written by the banks…and La Raza. Bonus coverage (which I am too busy to source right now, or as AP would say, “Too good to check!”); in exchange for participating in the bailout, the homeowners will be agreeing to give the feds a cut of the eventual sale price of their homes.
  • Trail-Mix distills the purpose of Gorebal “Warming”. Do remember that the Greens in Europe were financed by the Soviet Union back in the day.
  • Van Helsing says the faux Amazon find perfectly summarizes the liberal point of view. After all, for them, it’s not by any means necessary, but by every means possible, especially if it’s falsified.
  • Sister Toldjah delivers the latest in moonbattery from the Left Coast.
  • Donna Martinez caught an Orange (N.C.) Coutny Commissioner admitting they’re making taxes unaffordable for the average resident. Of course, his “solution” isn’t to actually cut the tax take.
  • Staying with taxes, McQ notes New York is trying every dirty-pool trick in the book to stay the #1 tax hell. Hopefully Doyle and the rest of Wisconsin’s ‘Rats aren’t paying attention.
  • Dad29 delivers the Quote of the Day from an ex-Boston mayor. Very true.
  • GayPatriotWest asks what HRC has done lately. No, not Clinton, though the answer applies to her as well; the Human Rights Campaign.
  • Eric interviews Harry Reid.
  • Kate delivers the Congressional energy “policy” in pictures.
  • Meanwhile, Tom McMahon 4-Blocks the ethanol-vs-oil debate.
  • The energy news isn’t all bad; HeatherRadish delivers the good news that the BP refinery in northwest Indiana (one of only two that produces the very-special Milwaukee/Chicago blend of Algore-Whitman Memorial RFG) has the final federal approval to expand production to better handle Canadian oil.
  • J. Gravelle tells the rioters looking for a federal handout the other day here in Milwaukee, “Ask not what the country can do for you….”
  • James T. Harris says to those same rioters; “Food crisis? More like integrity and dignity crisis.”
  • Caledonia Unplugged has the study that the Wisconsin Taxpayers’ Alliance did for supporters of the divorce of Caledonia from Racine Unified.
  • CDR Salamander highlights a new book worth reading, One Minute to Midnight. We were even closer to World War III in the Cuban Missile Crisis than we thought.

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