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The Morning Scramble – 6/24/2008

by @ 10:09 on June 24, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I have to thank Kevin Fischer for picking today’s song…


  • Slublog and his wife just had a daughter. Congratulations.
  • Ace notes even most of Californians support more off-shore drilling. I wonder if the bipartisan Party-In-Government in DC is listening.
  • McQ explains why there are “inactive” oil leases.
  • Uncle Jimbo summarized the letter that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrote to Dingy Harry Reid.
  • Trail-Mix asks a pertinent question; “Is America willing to pay an additional $3,333 for every man, woman and child in the country for Barack Obama’s spending?” I can sum up my personal answer in two letters – NO!
  • Bill Quick asks, “Who is in charge of the Obamination Campaign, Obama or Keith Ellison, the first openly-Islamic Congresscritter?”
  • Jim Lynch is running a Obamination Seal caption contest. Do drive him over 100,000 visitors today.
  • Headless Blogger found an apt comparison between Obama and a Groucho Marx character. Hello, Rufus T. Obama.
  • Plebian takes a cartoonish look at an Obamination Cabinet. I do say that it’s probably more truthful than any analysis the presstitutes would offer.
  • William Teach is shocked, SHOCKED that the liberals who profess to love direct democracy so much feel so strongly about denying the will of the people, they’re headed to court to preserve California’s court-ordered homosex marriages against a constitutional amendment proposition.
  • Ed Morrissey found a no-talent hack whose sole qualification for editorial cartoonist is that he is a moonbat in full moonbat flight.
  • Sean M. provides today’s example of why The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ doesn’t want to be quoted. Well, somebody has to be the copy editor, and with all the cutbacks at crAP and elsewhere, we bloggers are willing to do it. Of course, we’ll probably be sarcastic about it, but that’s our style.
  • Second dose of Ed; he eviscerates the Useless Nitwit…er, United Nations over their failure to do anything substantive regarding Zimbabwe. Those of you who remember yesterday’s Scramble remember lawhawk noted that the UN failed the opposition after said opposition put their faith in them.
  • Speaking of lawhawk, he notes it didn’t take long for Hamas to break its hudna.
  • Deebow was part of an op that snagged a Taliban honcho (#11 on the most-wanted list, to be exact). Bravo Zulu, and thank you.
  • Jim Hoft notes that Iraq will take control of two more provinces on Saturday, including Anbar. Still think we’re losing, Rats?
  • Scott found confirmation that a pre-war Al Qaeda camp in Iraq had biological weapons courtesy the government of Iraq (i.e. Saddam Hussein).
  • In the bad news department, Zip says the fallout from Boumediene is beginning with an Appeals Court demand that a Chinese Muslim guest of Club Gitmo be released or transfered. I say, return him to Red China.
  • JammieWearingFool found the Malay Muslims aren’t as “moderate” as they claim. They want no lipstick or high heels for the women.
  • Owen questions another no-bid flood-related contract, this one to repair Lake Delton.
  • Josh Schroeder has another reason to drive stick; it’s harder to steal. I wonder if he noticed the vast majority of those I asked about their stick-driving skills a while back claimed they could.
  • James Wigderson issued an Air Quality Index alert for dangerously-high levels of mosquitoes.

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