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Very-quick Appleton Tea Party thoughts (and the rest of the state)

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I took a look at the map and the clock and decided not to go to Fort Atkinson’s tea party, opting instead to make Appleton’s. I’m too tired to offload the pics off my camera and make sure they’re halfway-decent, but I’ll crib off my Tweets:

– There ended up being somewhere around 3,000 people, as the Fox Banquets parking lot ended up being jammed up.
– No current politicians were up at the microphone, but we did get a brief appearance from former state treasurer Jack Voight.
– After the opening invocation, we got a history lesson – Since the Brits spent themselves out of money, they looked at the American colonies as a piggy bank. The colonists responded with the original tea party and ultimately the Revolution.
– Speaking of history, one of the speakers (didn’t have a working recorder, so I don’t remember his name) pointed out that at one time, each party had a low-tax champion, and that both parties are currently ignoring their legacies.

I do have numbers from a couple of other Wisconsin Tea Parties:

Superior – 100
Eau Claire – 300
Wausau – “hundreds”

I was hardly alone covering the Madison Tea Party:
Lance Burri with the pic dump.
Randy Hollenbeck (do not miss the two-page photo gallery)
Denise of Finding a Balance
Fred Dooley (first is his personal blog, Real Debate Wisconsin, second is the MacIver Institute)
Christian Schneider

Revisions/extensions (11:13 pm 4/15/2009) – Paul Socha has a good write-up and a heap of pics. Somehow I missed him.

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