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Eggs on the road – Tax Week

by @ 8:29 on April 13, 2009. Tags: , ,
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Besides being Tax season (and indeed, partly because of it), it’s road-trip season. My trips for the week:

– This one isn’t actually a trip, but I’ll be running the weekly “24” liveblog over at Blogs.4Bauer tonight. The fun will start a bit before 8.

– If it’s the second Tuesday of the month, it’s time for Drinking Right. I need to drink heavily after last week’s disaster, and Dickie over at Papa’s Social Club (7718 W. Burleigh in Milwaukee) is kind enough to serve us starting at 7 pm. He even throws in pizza from Mama’s next door.

– Wednesday is the Tax Day Tea Party. Blogging will likely be non-existant that day because I will be on the road all day: Madison at the Capitol (King Street entrance) at 11, Appleton at Fox Banquets (111 E. Kimball) at 5:30, and possibly a quick stop in Fort Atkinson (Municipal Building on Main) at 4.

– Saturday is potentially another full day. The only thing confirmed is a Tea’d Off party at Racine City Hall (where 6th, 7th, and Washington meet) at noon, though it is likely I’ll add the Sammies down in Chicago to the list.

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