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Archive for July 3rd, 2010

Proud to be a misfit

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Those of you who know me know I am (usually, at least) a humble person. In the wake of being left off Matt Lewis’ Top 25 Conservatives on Twitter, Dan Collins, who tweets as vermontaigne and who has a pretty good blog called Piece of Work in Progress, put together this:

Yep; I’m on that one. I’m sure you’ll agree that is very appropriate, even though the company is still a bit above my caliber.

Thank you

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I had planned on taking the weekend off, but it seems the gang at Hot Air had other plans when one of them (I could tell you who, but then I’d have to kill you…just kidding) put the latest episode of the collapse of Social Security into the Hot Air Headlines. It seems something north of 2,000 of you followed the link and jumped in the mixing bowl known as No Runny Eggs. It is, honestly, humbling to know that many people have at least some sense of what’s coming down the pike.

I hope you do stick around at least a while and enjoy the hospitality Shoebox and I offer up. We may not necessarily post a lot, and certainly not as much as Ed and AP, but especially when Shoe posts, it’s worth the read.

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