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Support the 0%-tax-increase 2010 Milwaukee County budget

by @ 9:33 on October 3, 2009. Filed under Politics - Milwaukee County, Taxes.

My friends at Citizens for Responsible Government are holding a rally at Serb Hall (5101 W Oklahoma Ave in Milwaukee) on Sunday between 2 pm and 4 pm to support Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s 8th consecutive 0%-tax-levy-increase county budget. Since there is no Packer game on Sunday, unless you’re out of town (like me; I won’t be back until about 5 pm), there is no reason you can’t attend.

In addition to Walker, there will be several citizens who have been forced out of business or their homes because of out-of-control tax increases at other units of government and by an uncaring County Board. It is time to demand that government live within the means that the rest of us have to live within.

I do recommend getting there early; the unions who only care about themselves will be showing up about 1:30.

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