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Archive for October 1st, 2009

While the Cat’s Away….

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Apparently, it has finally sunk into President Obama’s head that doing his Max Headroom impression on behalf of health care reform has not been a winning strategy.  To regain his Presidential gravitas he, Michelle and Oprah have taken on the self sacrificing task of going to Copenhagen to lobby for the lining of Valerie Jarrett’s pockets to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

The manuevering continues in the attempt to have the Federal Government become the sole arbiter of health care in the U.S. 

I’ve linked before to the Senate Doctors show.  Senators Coburn and Barasso, the only two Senators who actually are doctors and not just playing one in the Senate, have had a regular video correspondence about the health care debate.  The Senators address issues, answer questions and even slap down the occassional Huffpo correspondent

In what could be described as “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” the Obama administration is ramping up their own health care video initiative.  The problem is that while they can imitate the use of a tool, they have no practicing doctors who can provide credibility to what will be another reguritation of left talking points (You remember….illegals won’t get health care, abortion won’t be covered, no death panels). 

Why get the cheap imitation when you have the original available?

The Senate Doctors will be on again at 5 PM Eastern.  You can watch the show live, below. 

The health care debate is far from over folks.  Stay informed, stay up to date on the issues and stay on target, stay on target!

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The Liberal Women Calendar

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Realdebate got me thinking….

What would the Liberal women calendar look like?  Maybe I could make money from putting one together?  Alas, too late.  Someone beat me to it:

Dem Women

H/T Cornswalled

We should probably get to 11 like for the conservative calendar so how about adding….

Cindy Sheehan and her close friend:


Rounding out the group, Diane Feinstein:


I’m not sure I’d feel safe closing my eyes to sleep in the same room with this group of “beauties!”

Consider It a Twofer

According to Baron’s, there are several countries that are selling debt denominated in dollars.  If your own currency isn’t the dollar, why would you sell debt that was?  It seems the short answer to that question is:  the dollar sucks, or at least that’s what these countries think.

After falling off a cliff during last years financial challenges, the dollar crawled back up to respectability by March of this year.  From March on, the dollar has become the world currency version of the 98 pound weakling getting sand kicked in its face by every other major currency.  You can see this pictorially in the following graph of the dollar against the Yen:


There are many things that influence a currencies value.  Debt, security and GDP all play into the value.  Unfortunately, many of those issues are moving towards the negative for the dollar, thus its decline.  That said, the dollar has one thing going for it.  As bad as things are in the US, there are many other countries that are in even worse situations.  Look across Europe and you’ll generally find financial situations that make the US look great.  Look to South America, the Middle East and much of Asia and you’ll find issues with security and stability.  For that reason and others there are a number of analysts that are ready to call a bottom to the dollar’s slide.  In fact, some are suggesting that we’ll see a rebound begin in the dollar.

One of the countries who have pulled the “debt for dollar” program is Venezuela. Venezuela is betting that their currency continues to do well against the dollar. So far the bet is working. The Venezuelan Bolivar is up 25% against the dollar in a little over a month.

I’m hoping the dollar analysts are right.  A stronger dollar buys us some time to get people elected that can solve our budget issues before China decides to throw in their chips.  A stronger dollar also wreaks havoc on Hugo Chavez’s piggy bank by making him have to pay more of his Bolivars to repay his bonds.  A plus for the US and a minus for Hugo Chavez, what’s not to like.  Consider it a twofer!

Open Thread Thursday – Tourist edition

This is the Emergency Blogging System. It has been activated because Steve is playing tourist in DC ahead of the Defending the American Dream summit. We need some appropriate music, and no Uncle Fred is not picking the song…


So, talk amongst yourselves, and find Steve some reading material.

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