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Who’s The Racist Now?

by @ 5:12 on September 21, 2009. Filed under Obama worship, Politics - National.

Saturday, I informed you about the new definition of racism.  No longer does racism have to do with someone’s race.  No, according to the Left, racism now is based on any disagreement with liberals, Democrats or elites.  This new definition would make all of us that don’t fall into the group of liberals, Democrats or elites, racist at all times regardless of what our views on race really are.  In contrast, this new definition would make it definitionally impossible to be racist if you were within the group of liberals, Democrats or elites can be racist.  Or does it?

New York Governor David Paterson has had an “unusual” term.  After assuming office as a result of the resignation of Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution revelations,on his second day in office, both Paterson and his wife acknowledged having extramarital affairs, one with a state employee.  In his inaugural speech, Paterson called the New York legislature

the least deliberative and most dysfunctional in the nation.

After Hillary Clinton resigned her Senate position to become Secretary of State, Paterson was a character in Caroline Kennedy’s vaudeville like attempts to be appointed as her replacement.  In the final scene, after abruptly declaring she was not interested in the role, Paterson claimed he had “never intended” to pick her.

New York’s financial situation is perhaps the most vexing issue Paterson is facing.  Like many states, New York is facing a budget shortfall.  Being a large state, New York’s short fall has been, well, large.  Paterson’s budget called for tax increases on nearly everything one could imagine taxing.  By one account, the tax increases proposed by Paterson would increase the taxes on the average New York family by nearly $4,000 each year.

As a result of his policy and personal handling of issues, Paterson is polling a 60% disapproval rating.  Polls have also showed Paterson trailing possible Republican contender, Rudy Giuliani by 15 points.

Facing a possible rout by Republicans in an important, reliably liberal state, Democrats are now pressuring Paterson to back off of his bid for reelection (or election if you’re a purist) to Governor.  Some Democrats are even suggesting that Paterson ought to resign to allow someone else a chance to get a running start at the role.  In this article covered by NewsMax, even President Obama is now encouraging Paterson to drop out of the Governor’s race.  To date, Paterson has not obliged any of the requests.

While I’m sure there are many Republicans who are unhappy with Paterson as Governor, it’s not they who are making news asking him not to run; it’s Democrats.  That must mean that there are Democrats who are unhappy with a Democrat.  Further, that must mean that there are Democrats who are unhappy with another Democrat who happens to be black.  Finally, there is a Democrat President, who happens to be black, who is unhappy with Paterson, a Democrat who happens to be black.

If a Democrat, who happens to be black, is unhappy with the abilities of another Democrat, who happens to be black, and asks the second Democrat, who happens to be black, not to run for office, we now know the reason for the dissatisfaction is due to racism.  I’m left with just one question, who’s the racist; the Democrat who happens to be black or the Democrat who happens to be black?

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