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Obama’s speech – more questions than answers – UPDATE – And straw men a-plenty

by @ 13:51 on May 21, 2009. Filed under Politics - National, War on Terror.

Fausta has a few questions after President Obama’s speech this morning:

So, does this mean the “war on terror” should be called “the war on al Qaeda”?

And the specific statement, “like other prisoners of war”, raises the issue whether the Obama administration is considering changing the detainees’ status to that of POWs….

Closing Gitmo? Where’s the plan?
Supermax prisons taking Gitmo detainees? Which ones?
“New legal regime to detain terrorists”? Where’s the plan?

Very interesting questions. Do read the entire post.

Revisions/extensions (2:06 pm 5/21/2009) – Karl Rove found 5 different straw men in that speech, which he added to his longer list of 2009 Obama Straw Man Watch. My favorite from today:

“And we will be ill-served by some of the fear-mongering that emerges whenever we discuss this issue. Listening to the recent debate, I’ve heard words that are calculated to scare people rather than educate them; words that have more to do with politics than protecting our country.”

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