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Brief CPAC very-early Friday morning update

by @ 1:33 on February 27, 2009. Tags:
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– I attended a very interesting session on Al Franken and ACORN, which I recorded for a couple people who had other engagements on and around Bloggers’ Row (which makes up for the piss-poor performance on TEMS).

– I was “intercepted” by a few friends while on my way to the official CPAC dinner (note to self: save $550 if you show up next year by not buying the diamond package). It turned into a bloggers’ dinner with Kevin Binversie, Stephen Green, Sean Hackbarth, Melissa Clouthier, Katie Favazza, Fausta Wertz, Rick Moran, and a few others my alcohol-addled brain (more on that in a bit) can’t quite remember. Random question; should I be disturbed that Kevin called me instead of Sean to find out where everybody was?

– Afterwards, most of us ended up back at the Omni’s bar, where I split time between that group and Doug Welch. Eventually, Mary Katharine Ham and then Ace rolled in. No, you’re not going to get what was said from me; I have been bound to silence, and before I tell you, I would have to kill you. However, it was worth missing the last Metro train back to the Carlyle and taking a 26-minute walk back.

Given it’s somewhere around 2:30 Eastern, the first speaker is up at 8 local, and the DC Tea Party in Lafayette Park is at noon, I am calling it a night.

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