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Brief CPAC Thursday AM update

by @ 10:49 on February 26, 2009. Tags:
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– Listened to Paul Ryan open up CPAC. He got a lot of applause, as he was on a roll. One odd thing; he seems to be a bit of a goldbug. I do have audio and pics, but since I’m posting from a borrowed computer and cell coverage is at best spotty, I don’t have a way to pull it off the digital voice recorder and phone (respectively).

– There’s somewhere between 8,500 and 9,000 of us floating here. For those paying attention, that is a record.

– Last night, I ran into Sean Hackbarth, Melissa Clouthier, Ali Akbar, Matt Margolis, and a couple other silent types. Sean, Melissa and Ali put on Politics 625.

– Today, I ran into Katie Favazza, Rick Moran, Ed Morrissey, Fausta Wertz, and had my copy of the “Pretty in Mink” calendar signed by Amanda Carpenter.

– The BHO weekly passes for the Metro SUCK! First one demagnetized on me after 3 trips.

Oops; just missed a session I wanted to hit. DAMMIT!

Revisions/extensions (12:07 pm 2/26/2009) – Right after I posted, I ran into Krystle Weeks, and a bit after that, Doug Welch and Skye.

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