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This is Why the Left Hates Clarence Thomas

by @ 5:07 on September 10, 2008. Filed under Lawgivers-In-Black.

According to the “Press Agency Who Shall Not Be Named,” this is news:

Thomas says Constitution forbids racial preference

Is it really so hard to figure this out?

I think we can all agree that the constitution says you can’t discriminate based on race…I’m pretty sure there have been a couple of Supreme Court cases that support that! Seems pretty simple that if you can’t discriminate on race then you can’t have racial preferences. After all, what is a racial preference other than discrimination on the race(s) that are not being preferred?

“But, but,” you say, “discrimination is bad but preference is good!    We want to do good things!”

Really? Preference is good? Would you like to see just how quickly preference becomes discrimination?

Let’s say that we want educational preferences for a racial group. Let’s say that we find that the racial group we want to help is determined to “learn differently” than other racial groups. If we agree on that, wouldn’t it make logical sense to set up separate schools with separate teachers for these students who learn differently?

You say that’s wrong, it’s discrimination? It’s not wrong, we were trying to do good things so it must be OK!

The Left hates Justice Clarence Thomas because he uses logic and an  originalist reading of the Constitution to determine what passes Constitutional muster.   Clarence Thomas doesn’t abide the creation of  new rights simply because they “feel right.”

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