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Roll bloat – replacing the Bar edition

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In the wake of the burn-down of TheWisconsinSportsBar, Peter has set up a new place called The Cheesehead Corner Pub and put out the call for old bartenders. Since I’m one of those, I accepted.

A note for ESK and the rest of the old crew; you will need to set up a free account.

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble (part 2) – 9/15/2008

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Since I’ve been a bit absent lately, here’s part 2.


  • Charlie Sykes says, “Send an e-mail for McCain.”
  • Allahpundit explains why John McCain doesn’t do e-mail.
  • Charles Henricksen found Pravda disapproving of Sarah Palin, and the DUmmies nodding approvingly at their master.
  • The Pheisty Joey dug into Troopergate and found an overprotective union.
  • Ed Morrissey found evidence the state with the longest ‘Rat streak (1976 and counting) is a battleground.
  • Mike Pechar mourns the latest episode in the Death of the British Empire, the granting of full legal recognition of Sharia law.
  • Grim talked Marine recruitment with Maj. Gen. (sel) Robert E. Milstead, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recuriting Command. It is interesting to see the state-by-state map pretty much mirror the electoral map of the last 2 elections, and that it’s the upper-middle class that really wants to be Marines. No wonder the ‘Rats want to destroy the upper-middle class.
  • Pam has today’s “Most (Un)ethical Congress Evah!” update – fresh from finding out Charlie Rangel has even more tax errors, Nancy Pelosi won’t do anything. I’m not surprised; after all, she still accepts William “The Freezer” Jefferson.
  • Lawhawk defines “progressive ‘family values'”.
  • CDR Salamander is shocked, SHOCKED that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was shocked, SHOCKED the UN is corrupt.
  • Owen found a semi-sarcastic reason Republicans exist.
  • Shoebox found a protein gap between conservatives and liberals. Weebork includes today’s vocabulary lesson. Now, where did I put that HamNation?
  • Fred tries to understand the failure of Wisconsin’s Government “Accountability” Board to question the multitude of questionable new-and-changed voter registrations in the face of fresh evidence Obama-aligned ACORN is creating fraudulent new voter registrations. Allow me to explain – they owe their jobs to early Obama-endorser Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale), and he has an election to guarantee for Obama.
  • Stix found a common thread among the 10 poorest large cities; a lack of Republican mayoral leadership. Guess which city is #8 on that list?
  • Mary Katharine Ham wonders why the envirowhackos are opposed to “subsistence hunters struggling to live sustainable lives in tiny carbon footprints, as Gaia intended”. Since The Weekly Standard still doesn’t allow comments, I’ll have to answer that here; they get lost at “hunters”.
  • Asian Badger praises the Fed for not bailing out Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG. Do note his long-term view.
  • The letter-writing Brad V. found Google looking to relocate to a barge to avoid taxes. Yep, they’re acting just like a limousine liberal.
  • Jon Ham discovered a HUD-supported housing complex banning the display of American flags inside the residences.
  • This last item’s old, but still timely – Dave describes his landing a jet in the middle of Tropical Storm Hanna. I’ll bet the Sam Adams crew wished they had Dave for their rather-hard landing at Midway Saturday (my landing at O’Hare was a bit later and a lot smoother).

The Bar is closed

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In case you haven’t been over to The Wisconsin Sports Bar yet this afternoon, Chris the head barkeep (and my blogfather) decided to shutter the doors. DAMMIT!

Gone but not Forgotten

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Ned Yost FIRED!

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Yes, it is now official. I believe it’s a few months late, but the drop to a tie with the Phillies, who just swept the Brewers out of the city of Brotherly Love, forced the upper management’s hand.

The bad news – it’s third base coach Dale “Run Them Out Of Big Innings” Sveum instead of ex-bench coach Ted Simmons that’s running things for the remainder of the season.

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble (part 1) – 9/15/2008

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I’m back, tanned, not-quite-rested, and ready. Of course, if I were still in Phoenix instead of cool-and-just-now-drying-out Milwaukee, this wouldn’t be an afternoon version.


There’s too much goodness for a one-parter today, but let’s start anyway.

  • Eric Odom lifts the veil of censorship from the Charlie Gibson/Sarah Palin interview.
  • Jon Ham compares the questions Palin got from Gibson to those Barack Obama got from him. I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find Gibson a card-carrying member of the ObamiNation.
  • C. Edmund Wright found a “Gibson Bounce”. I guess physics does apply to politics now and again; something about actions and reactions.
  • Jim Hoft caught CBS trying to simultaneously claim credit for and kill Palinmania.
  • How bad is the presstitute hatred of Palin? John McAdams found a Hillary Clinton strategist to explain. PUMAs forever!
  • Kyle Maichle remembers the old NBC logo, and assigns attributes to all 11 feathers of that peacock.
  • Clarice Feldman wonders when the presstitutes will go explore Obama’s “dark years”. Don’t hold your breath wondering how Obama got into Pakistan when it was under Sharia law and a major exporter of heroin, or how he and his drug-using friend lied on a rent application to get an apartment after that trip.
  • Speaking of Pakistan, lawhawk will be “thanking” the New York Times if Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups manage to launch an attack while using Pakistan as a cover.
  • RAG found some interesting turf wars betweeen the NYT and the Washington Post over Palinmania.
  • Jon Ray reports that Google is still continuing its harrassment of anti-Obama blogs.
  • Jim Geraghty wonders why nobody wants to travel with Joe Biden. If the presstitutes weren’t experts at story fabrication and ignoring, I would say that they didn’t want to be forced into reporting on the Human Gaffe Machine.
  • After all, they don’t want to catch nuggets like this – Michelle Malkin caught Biden playing the race card. I note that Michelle’s source was a local newspaper, not one of the few remaining national presstitutes sticking it out with Plugs.
  • Christopher Alleva found two pieces of evidence of the waning ObamiNation – the crowds are shrinking and the coverage of said shrinkage is disappearing from the front page.
  • Jim Geraghty lobs the launched stone of “lack of openness” right back at the Obama/Biden tinted-glass campaign. Remind me to wear shoes; I don’t think I can recover from a glass shard almost all the way through the foot in 24 hours like I used to be able to do.
  • Matt Wolking chronicles the decline and fall of the positive portion of HopeAndChange.
  • Rick Moran answers the question of why HopeAndChange appears under the wheels of the Obamination Express.
  • Zip caught Obama trying to mess up Return-On-Success. Guess it truly is Retreat To Defeat At All Costs for Obama and the DhimmiRATs.
  • Jeff Wagner asks who is having a worse September; Obama or the Milwaukee Brewers. Well, I’ve never seen Brewers manager Ned Yost and Obama campaign manager David Axelrod in the same room together.
  • Brendan has the latest photo of the Obamination Express, Water Edition.
  • Ed Morrissey runs the numbers on Obama’s $66 million in/$55 million out month.
  • The letter-writing Brad V. wonders where the Wisconsin Presidential polls are. If I didn’t think Obama would take the state by hook and by crook, I’d be asking as well.
  • Cuffy Meigs finds the ObamiNation targeting satirists. Somebody send out the WAAAAAAAAH!-mbulance for the whiners.

Part 2 will be up shortly (I hope).

It’s Not A Gender Gap, It’s a Veggie Gap!

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The 2008 election will not be decided by gender, ethnicity, age or income demographics. The 2008 elections will be determined by how much meat you eat.

Eating veggies shrinks the brain

From the Times of India:


MELBOURNE: Scientists have discovered that going veggie could be bad for your brain-with those on a meat-free diet six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage.

According to Gov. Palin, a vegetarian in Alaska is an Eskimo who can’t hunt!

I’ve never known a Conservative vegetarian. Have you?

Revisions/extensions (4:45 pm 9/15/2008; steveegg) – Since Weebork brought up omnivores in the comments, I’ll bring back a HamNation classic.

R&E part 2 (9:38 pm 9/15/2008; steveegg) – Or at least I’ll put up a link to said HamNation classic. YouTube is being a bit recalcitrant tonight.

A Few Random Thoughts

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I’ll bet you were expecting a critique of Barack Obama’s latest debate response with that headline.   No, actually, I’ve got a few thoughts that didn’t warrant a full post of their own but warranted comment.

Saudi cleric wants death for TV “sorcerers”

I saw that headline and thought “Poor Charlie Gibson, the clerics are on to him!” Turns out the article was about Islamists who watch shows about horoscopes on TV.

When I first saw the Palin interview by Charlie Gibson I was, honestly, a bit underwhelmed.   But, as I told Mrs. Shoe, I couldn’t tell whether it was because of Gibson obvious condescension, the obviously hacked editing job or Palin’s performance.   Now I know I was right on 2 of the 3.

If you haven’t, take a look over at Mark Levin’s site  and see what the unedited version of the interview was.   It was a completely different interview!   ABC chose editorially, to put Palin in the worst possible light.   I knew these guys were in the tank for Obama but this is beyond the pale.   After reading the entire interview, Palin won, Charlie lost.
What began as a fairy tale, completewith the killing of a witch and an anticipated “happily ever after,” it now appears that the story of Obama’s campaign has been taken over by the Brothers Grimm. The difference between a regular fairy tale and one that the Grimm’s write is that in the Grimm’s version, the “hero” often doesn’t survive the story line.

Not only is Obama no longer able to (using the football vernacular) stretch the field by putting tradition red states in play, he’s now got traditional blue states in the “undecided” category.

My home state of Minnesota had a poll published today that shows the race tied. The poll was a “Star and Tribune Minnesota Poll.” The STMP has a nasty habit of giving the Dems a 5 or so point handicap in their polls (this was most recently exhibited in 2006 when they were calling Pawlenty down by 5 just a couple of days before he beat Hatch by nearly 2). If the poll is true to form, McCain may well have a few points lead in Minnesota. Along with Minnesota, Michigan, another traditional blue states is now in the undecided column…Hey Wisconsin, get a hop on!

Finally, Mr. Obama, meet Mr. Rock and Mr. Hardplace!
As Obama’s polls slide and he shows an inability to refocus the discussion with his own loquacious abilities, there is a small but constant and slightly growing murmur about Obama changing VPs.

It ain’t going to happen!

Obama has shown a great penchant for throwing under the bus anyone or anything that he believes doesn’t support his messiah persona. With his ability to even throw his grandmother under the bus, there’s no reason to believe Joe Biden couldn’t be seen wearing tread marks before the election. The problem is, who would Obama replace him with? The problem isn’t with Joe so replacing him with almost anyone else won’t change the game. Note I said “almost anyone else.”

The only person who could have changed the game for Obama would have been Hillary. Obama could have chosen Hillary initially. Had he done that he would have had the “change” game all wrapped up. By picking Biden, he allowed McCain to steal the “change” mantra by picking Palin. If Obama were to toss Biden under the bus and take Hillary it would be viewed as either a pure self serving (I want to be President so badly I’m willing to do anything) move or a “Me too but it should have been Me first” move. While I’m still leery of the PUMAs and their loyalty, I believe they would see any move by Obama to put Hillary on the ticket as just that, a political move. I don’t think even Obama is politically callous enough to attempt what is know politically as the “Triple Back and Double Down” maneuver.

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