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Talking to Four Year Olds – Energy Addition

by @ 5:31 on September 3, 2008. Filed under Energy, Talking to Four Year Olds.

A good technique when working with four year olds, is to use “teachable moments.”   “Teachable moments” are not to be confused with disciplinary action required when your four year old has done something wrong.   Rather, a “teachable moment” general has nothing to do with your four year old.   It usually is an issue unrelated to your four year old, but is one that helps your four year think through something that may otherwise be a complex subject for them.

Today’s teachable moment has to do with energy production,  specifically, oil production.

Approximately 25% of our domestic oil production comes from drilling that is done in the Gulf of Mexico.

Do you know what happens to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico when a hurricane, almost any hurricane comes across the Gulf?   Yup, oil rigs get shut down.   Maybe for just a few days, maybe longer.

Do you know what happens to oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico when a BIG hurricane, like Katrina or Rita come through the Gulf?   No, not environmental disaster.   These rigs have been built to put the safety of their crews and the environment first.   In fact, while there were about 13,000 barrels of oil that escaped as a result of the hurricane damage, the final study done for the MMS noted that there were no on shore impacts from any of the spills! Yes, that’s right, 25% of our oil production goes offline, some of it for several months.

Do you know which coastal state has never had a recorded hurricane?   Yes, Alaska has never had a recorded hurricane.   The waters around Alaska are too cold to allow one to form.

If you were going to increase oil drilling, would you increase it in the Gulf or would you go where hurricanes can’t strike?

Don’t quite get it?   Let me try another approach.

If you had $10 to bet on future energy would your rather:

A.  Bet it on the extreme long shot of “Alternative Energy?”…if you win, you win big.   If you lose, you’re screwed.

B.   Bet it on the choice sure to lose money;  just find ways to  use less

C.   Bet on a proven doubling of your money by increasing drilling and opening oil shale fields.

Good answer, now you’ve got it!

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