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The world’s most-dangerous car

by @ 12:57 on January 10, 2008. Filed under Business.

(H/T – Jon Ham)

I’m trying so hard not to make the inevitable A-cup jokes about the launch of the 10-foot, 1/2-ton, 4-passenger (yeah, right), $2,500 (or $3,000 after tax and title) Tata Nano in India. So, what else do you get with your 120,000 rupees (after tax and title)? Let’s take a look (pic courtesy The Times (London):


– 4 doors that lock
– 4 on the floor (those of you who said that you can’t drive a stick, you’re SOL)
– seat belts
– 2 cylinder, 33 hp gas engine, allegedly good for 50 mpg
– steering wheel
– a trunk big enough for a duffle bag

Air conditioning, power locks, radio and sun visors are available at extra cost.

In comparison, the DeWalt Nano…

Nano winner front-side

…features seating for one in a custom-built racing seat, a 800-hp engine, built-in two-way radio, two ignition boxes, a 5-point racing harness, 4 racing GoodYear Eagles, detachable steering wheel, and at least in the pictured model, a lot of confetti for about $180,000.

Back to seriousness (or what passes for it here), while the manufacturer says that the Tata Nano has passed a full-frontal crash test, I’m reminded of another full-frontal crash test our British friends at “Top Gear” did:


Remember, the Smart is bigger and has airbags galore.

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