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Archive for January 25th, 2008

Roll bloat – I need more “I”s, dammit!

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You probably could call this one the Moron Commenters’ Blog, and you wouldn’t be too far off. Oh well, since I’m a Moron and a frequent commenter (hell, that’s how I got my start, just not on AoSHQ), I may as well jump into the Innocent Bystanders breach.

Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive TV strike again

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…and again, my friends. First up on the Global Domination and World Peace video tour is a look at what Al Qaeda in Iraq does with those that can’t fight back, and what happens to them when they encounter those with superior firepower. Since UJ has asked the video to be broadcast far and wide, far be it from me to defy him….


Do note that no US troops were harmed in the making of this video, though the Jihadi quotient got decreased by a couple, which is just the way it should be. Bravo Zulu.

Next, the gang at Blackfive ask Ayman Zawahiri just what is up with the 72 goats they get when on the receiving end of various American arms like the two dead tangos ventilated above. Since there is a content warning on that, you can go to Blackfive to watch that one.

The DemonRATs’ favorite RepubicRAT (video of the day)

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(H/T – Emperor Misha I)

I’m not about to endorse Mitt Romney (partly because he re-endorsed gun control just like the current Administration did last night in such a way as to, if accepted by SCOTUS, render the 2nd Amendment completely moot), but his campaign has a devastating video about John McShame (Amnesty-Media) on the same day the New Sedition Slimes (dammit, there I go again), er, New York Times gives him their unqualified “We’re endorsing him because he’s basically a ‘Rat, but we wish he’d adopt the Paul-Nut surrender line of Bravo Sierra” endorsement


The Emperor has it exactly right regarding holding my nose and voting for him (below the fold only because I don’t have enough separation between this and the latest roll bloat, which is also why I used the phonetic alphabet rather than the actual words I wanted to use)….

Roll bloat – continuing to beautify the roll

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I keep on forgetting to add people that make sense when I first notice them, but I usually do eventually. That time has come for Anwyn’s Notes in the Margin. Now that I brought her to your attention, don’t wait as long as I did.

From McCain to $oro$ in 6 steps or less

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Michelle Malkin has the bouncing ball. Tell me again how the f*ck (since this is going to generate a trackback to Michelle’s site, I won’t add the vowel, but rest assured it isn’t ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘o’) John S. McShame (Amnesty-Media) is the presumptive front-runner in the “Republican” Presidential primary.

That brings me to a Photoshop from Slublog, unleased onto the world by Ace….


I think Slu nailed this one.

Revisions/extensions (7:37 pm 1/25/2008) – I knew I should’ve refreshed the feed reader; Slu has his own post up on this. I think the Devil is a smoother operator than $oro$.

If some fool wanted to give me $800,000 for this place…

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…I’d buy the fastest car on the planet, the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero, which has set a new Guiness Book of World Records speed record for a street-legal vehicle at a two-way average of 256.18 mph. (H/Ts – Ace and Allahpundit/HotAir Headlines).

No, that will not be the vehicle I’d use to see if you guys can drive a stick like a race car.

The decline and fall of “Old Media”

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I guess I could say that this is a Ham family affair, because the hat tips for both halves come from them. First, let’s take the Newsbusters way-back machine back 20 years (H/T – Mary Katharine Ham), back before blogs, back to the dawn of conservative media, and back to the time when “alternative” media meant “Communist”. CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather was spoiling for a fight with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush, and, along with politics producer Richard Cohen, decided to ambush Bush on live TV over Iran-Contra with the 12th and last in a series of candidate profiles. Needless to say, that sort of backfired (transcript courtesy The actions of Rather were so egregious that the Media Research Center quoted Sam Donaldson (a hack in his own right) as saying, “Rather went too far….I don’t think we can get to a situation where we make — on our own authority — accusations.”

We all know what happened in the succeeding 20 years; the “Old Media” turned even farther to the left and the remainder all-but-abandoned the pretense of impartiality, the New Media (talk radio, blogs, and conservative forums) rose up to fill that void, and as a result, the readership, profitability and ultimately the stock prices of “Old Media” companies collapsed.

That brings us to the World Economic Forum in Davros, Switzerland. Yesterday, Columbia University (yes, that Columbia University, home of the Columbia School of Journalism) President Lee Bollinger announced his support for government subsidies for “Old Media” (H/T – Jon Ham).

If you were wondering about the position of the Columbia School of Journalism’s dean, Nick Lemann, Forbes’ Carl Lavin has that disappointment. The upshot: “Right now the mismatch between the social mission of journalism and the market support for that mission seems to be growing, so I think we should explore other means of support for serious journalism. Per the above, these can be, and generally have been in the US, policy interventions that amount to indirect rather than direct government subsidies. But I’m not against subsidies per se, if we can establish BBC-like safeguards of editorial independence.”

I guess they learned nothing over the last 20 years.

Cross-posted at the TownHall version of this place.

Today’s example of no difference in the two halves of the P-I-G

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(H/T – Conservative Belle)

The “economic stimulus package” (otherwise known as the RepubicRAT version of the welfare state) just keeps on getting worse. First, it was a one-time “refund”, with no permanent reduction in the 20%+ of GDP take by the federal government. Now, after the “grand compromise” not only is it a targeted transfer of funds from those that pay most of those taxes to those that pay only a small bit of those taxes (the “refund” cuts out for those earning more than $75,000/$150,000 for couples), but $300 checks are going to go to 35 million families who don’t even pay income taxes. What was that line about the Republic lasting only up to the point where a majority figure out how to get the minority to pay for their lifestyles? It sure feels like we’ve hit that point.

But wait, it’s going to get even worse. The ‘Rats are still agitating for a return to their version of the welfare state, with more unemployment benefits (never mind that, until about 8 years ago, 5% unemployment was considered “full employment”) and more food stamps.

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