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Unconstitutionally dismantling the Electoral College – Massachusetts edition

by @ 22:49 on July 27, 2010. Filed under Politics - National.

(H/T – DaTechguy)

Massachusetts is the latest state to sign away its independence in the selection and action of its Electoral College, and Massachusetts resident DaTechguy is spitting mad. I refer the reader back to some Classic NRE, for both the non-partisan and partisan versions of why this is not a good idea, and amplify the Constitutional point a bit.

The folks pushing for this note that there are any number of “compacts” that don’t explicitly have Congressional approval. However, the main case they cite in defense of not needing Congressional approval, Commonwealth of Virginia v. State of Tennessee (1893), actually makes the case that Congressional approval of the compact is proscribed by the Constitution. By its very nature, that effort is a pact of “political co-operation” designed to affect the influence of the states that are a part of the effort on the selection of the President.

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