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The Morning Scramble – 3/21/2008

by @ 6:56 on March 21, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I guess I should celebrate going better than .500 yesterday considering my 2008 record, but since I know that’s the high point of my tournament this year, I feel the need for some more blues.


– Speaking of songs, James Wigderson breaks out into song.
Lawhawk discovers who is behind the scandals in New York and New Jersey’s governor’s offices.
– I bet that Elliot Spitzer is wishing he hung onto power right about now; Brian notes that his replacement is suspected of billing his campaign for some of the costs of his affair. Next in line for the governorship is a Pubbie (or at least what passes for one in New York).
Plebian goes back into the memory vault to pull yet another wrong prediction or two from the Gorebal “Warming” crowd back from the memory hole.
Jo Egelhoff put together a list of programs the state could cut to get rid of the deficit. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the state of Wisconsin subsidizes ethanol at the rate of 20 cents per gallon (which is on top of the federal 51-cent-per-gallon subsidy).
Justin Higgins notes the ‘Rats believe a yearly salary of $31,850 makes one “rich”.
Doubleplusundead is shocked, SHOCKED the ‘Rats selectively enforce election laws they routinely break.
Stan bemoans the fact that President Bush will still be going to Red China for the 1936 Muni…er, 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Curt asks Obama, “Was the Iraq front for oil or not?”
Stable Hand finds a pastor not afraid of the big bad Obama wolf.
John Hawkins answers a heap of questions.

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