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“Sacrifice” says Obama – Do as I say, not as I don’t!

by @ 17:32 on March 25, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Toledo Blade:

"The question is at what point are we willing to get together and understand that doing many of these things are hard, that it’s going to require sacrifice from those of us who are lucky in this society to pay a little more in taxes, or to, if we’re going to drive a Suburban, then you know there may be a disincentive to doing it, and that’s where leadership comes in,"   Barack Obama February, 2008

Barack Obama wants us to sacrifice. His vision will “require” sacrifice. How long do you suppose Barck has had this vision for sacrifice?

Bloomberg reports information from Obama’s 2000 to 2006 tax returns.

March 25 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave $10,772 of the $1.2 million they earned from 2000 through 2004 to charities, or less than 1 percent, according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign.

The Obamas increased the amount they gave to charity when their income rose in 2005 and 2006 after the Illinois senator published a bestselling book. The $137,622 they gave over those two years amounted to more than 5 percent of their $2.6 million income.

Let me see if I have this right……Obama, the man who calls us to “sacrifice,” and his wife, earned an average of $240,000 each year for the first 5 year period. During that same period, according to their spokesman: …”giving $10,000 to charity was as generous as they could be at the time.”

Let’s break this down:

$240,000/year earned, 2,154/year donated
$20,000/month earned, $180/month donated
$657/day earned, $6/day donated.

Do you think you could manage donating more than the value of 2 cups of Starbucks each day if you made $240,000 each year?

Don’t give me garbage saying either, “he’s up to 5% now,” or, “the national average is only 2.2%.”


Obama is willing to be charitable with my income and expect my family’s “sacrifice” but not his own!  

Another situation where Obama’s words are “just words” as his own actions don’t bear out his own expectation!

Now that’s Audacity of Hope!

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